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Euro LSBCA - 1

Two stages washing machines Range for automatic parts washers multi stage with hot water and bio-degradable detergent With revolving basket, vertical charging and electric heating, max temperature of bath 70°C Standard version Basket carriage With electric drying option Inner revolving basket OPTIONALs Electric drying (3kW) Carriage for basket handling Vapor extraction Automatic tank refilling Oil skimmer (24V) Hour meter Weekly programming unit Drain pump NOTES Optionals included: low wather level shut-off, external insulation, wather circuit and basket in stainless steel, motorized basket Standard version includes: - 1st phase degreasing - 2nd phase rinsing Structure of stainless steel Supplied as assembled unit Technical data and dimensions are not binding and can be changed without notice

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Euro LSBCA - 2

Since 1958 (7) DEGREASING NOZZLES @ RINSE NOZZLES @ REVOLVING BASKET @ DEGREASING TANK @ RINSE TANK DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT Model Euro LSBCA1 Euro LSBCA2 Useful basket dimensions Outer dimensions TECHNICAL DATA Max. basket load kg liter liter kW kW l/m l/m bar bar kW kW Euro LSBCA1

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