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Compact suction sandblasters with rotary table Basic version Back view “TE” version with extractable rotary table OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Filter unit with paper or polyester cartridges and automatic compressed air cleaning system Conversion kit for pressurized mod NOTES Complete cyclone separator to remove dust from the cabin and select and recover the grit Blast gun with Ø 8 mm tungsten carbide nozzle Blow and cleaning gun Internal rotary table with 500 kg load capacity Side doors for acces to the cabin with safety endswitches Airtight lamps with 20 x 20 tubes for inside lighting Footswitch for start and stop of blasting process Predisposition for filter unit Control panel complying to CE Norms Reinforced gloves Delivered as complete assembly Made of painted steel sheet Technical characteristics and dimensions are approximate and subject to changes for improvements or updates without noti

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DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT Model Useful dimensions External dimensions TECHNICAL DATA

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