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Quick, easy and precise Hydraulic hub-shaft connections

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Power Transmission - 2

Pascal discovered the principle We put it to work The scientist Blaise Pascal formulated the principle of pressure propagation in liquids many years ago. ETP has explored the many positive qualities in this principle, developed it further and applied it to hub-shaft connections. A hydraulic pressure medium confined in a double-walled sleeve is pressurized, with screws or with an external pump.The double-walled sleeve expands uniformly and gives an even contact pressure against shaft and hub. With increasing requirements on down sizing of machines, better runout/balance, increased...

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Power Transmission - 4

ETP hub-shaft connections are today regarded as the natural range to choose from for professional machine design. They represent the optimal cost/ performance ratio and are available in a number of variants.They operate according to either the hydraulic or hydromechanical principle, which gives unique advantages when designing, in operation and when dismantling. Quick mounting. Easy and accurate to position. Saves space along the shaft. Good runout. The hydraulic ETP principle ETP-EXPRESS, ETP-EXPRESS R, ETP-POWER and ETP-TECHNO are all mounted very quick and simple by tightening of only...

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Power Transmission - 5

The hydromechanical ETP principle ETP-HYLOC is mounted quickly and easily, even for big shafts, with a hydraulic pump. The hydraulics makes the mounting simple and gives a good runout. When the connection is mounted it is mechanically self locked. The hydromechanical ETP principle is specially suitable for high torque, high radial forces and for big shafts. Quick mounting and dismantling. High torque, radial and axial forces. Good runout. Connection axial and/or radial.

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Power Transmission - 6

Choose the ETP-connection that suits you best ETP single screw product range ETP-EXPRESS Benefits and features Number of mountings Compact Runout Temperature range Radial loads Sealing system Get the most out of your hub-shaft connections - Download our ETP Calc App The ETP Calc App is designed to help engineers and users of our hydraulic hub-shaft connections to quickly and easily check their application based on real parameters. ETP Calc is simple to use! Just choose your input values from the drop menus and the result will be shown. You can also save, print or e-mail your finished...

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Power Transmission - 7

For fast mounting and compact design. Corrosion resistant and easy to clean. High precision and frequent mounting. Fast mounting and high radial loads. ETP-CLASSIC® incl. type R Competitive connection for normal needs. ETP-MINI® incl. type R Quick compact fastening of small components. For heavy loads and quick mounting. High torque shaft-shaft and shaft-flange couplings. For fast, frequent and accurate linear positioning. Based on the customers requirements. Torque wrenches and pumps. Connections and screws. Friction increasing methods. Technical information/ Design tips

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Power Transmission - 9

hydraulic connection which has only one screw for pressurising. It is especially suitable for repositioning of the hub fast and accurately. The screw is tightened in the radial direction, this means no space is used along the shaft for mounting tools. Other components can be mounted on the shaft all the way up to the flange. ETP-EXPRESS has extremely small built-in dimensions which makes a compact design possible.

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Power Transmission - 10

Easy to position and adjust with one screw In this handling and packaging machine for newspapers after printing, ETP-EXPRESS of various sizes are used. The final adjustment of levers and timing pulleys in order to get all parts synchronised is facilitated, as only one screw needs to be loosened/tightened. The radial access to the screw permits a compact design. Also hubs of aluminium and cast iron can be used because of the moderate surface pressure. Good runout and radial accessibility This unit belongs to a production line which inserts enclosures into newspapers after printing and...

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Power Transmission - 11

Radial tightening When fastening the drive wheels for a number of synchronised transport chains, often the space along the shaft is limited. In this case it was solved with ETP-EXPRESS, as only radial access to the screw is needed. Only one screw per connection makes necessary adjustments after assembly easier. Synchronisation In transport equipment often a number of drives needs to be synchronised. In this machine ETP-EXPRESS is used for this purpose for both the chain and timing pulley drives. The simple mounting and radial access were the reasons. The compact built-in dimensions are also...

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Power Transmission - 12

ETP-EXPRESS is available as standard for shafts 15-100 mm, also imperial. Runout ≤ 0,02 mm. Number of mountings 500 - 2 000 (size dependent). The extremely thin built-in dimensions allows for a compact design with low weight and inertia. Construction ETP-EXPRESS is a hydraulic connection which consists of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve filled with a pressure medium and a flange. The flange part contains screw and piston with seals to maintain pressure. Operation When the pressure screw is tightened, the double-walled sleeve expands uniformly against shaft and hub and creates a rigid...

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Power Transmission - 13

Technical specification ETP-EXPRESS® ETP-EXPRESS® T= Tranismrttable toque when ami force is 0. } when the screw/screws is tightened to Tt FA=Transmittable axial force when torque is 0. j FR=Max transmittable radial force at continuous operation. Max allowed bending torque: 5% of transmittable torque T. Tt= Recommended tightening torque for the screw/screws. Further tightening does not increase the pressure. *) D2 is valid before mounting. **) Pressure screws positioned in the same direction. Dimensions subject to alterations without notice. TOLERANCES Shaft h7 for d =15 mm. Shaft k6-h7 for...

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Power Transmission - 14

Corrosion resistantand easy to clean The demand from the food and ; * u process industries is increasing for stainless steel hub-shaft connections. The most common sizes of the hydraulic connection ETP-EXPRESS are available in stainless steel. The flat flange design allows for easy cleaning, essential within food processing. Also the pressure medium and screw lubricant are approved for use in the food industry.

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