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The ultimate way to profile precision

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AMBIENTE Imagine a living room with a soft fascinating atmosphere created by the most tasteful furnishing, great decorating and accessories in a perfect harmony. What could possibly be more annoying than a groaning floor?

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PROFILE PRECISION The profile precision is the most sensible part of a floor. Both the product quality and the company´s profitability will suffer from lack of precision. If the click profile is too tight, it means an unhappy customer who suffers with a groaning floor and likely a warranty claim. If the profile is not tight enough you will get an uneven joint and the floor board must be scrapped.

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ETP CUBIT We are now introducing the innovation ETP-CUBIT. CUBIT has a unique patented technology different to all other existing adjustable systems. Profiling of the tongue and groove in the flooring industry can now efficiently be done with extreme precision and repeatability. REDUCED SET UP TIME BY MORE THAN 50% Thanks to the unrivalled repeatability and the user friendly design. The operator can always feel confident with the result and there is no need for any trial and error adjustment. INCREASED RUN TIME ON TOOLS 30-50% The CUBIT has a minimal run out and the high precision make it...

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THE ULTIMATE WAY TO PROFILE PRECISION The adjustable patented ETP CUBIT concept has extremely high precision and unrivalled repeatability. The concept is made for two part tools that can be precise adjusted by 0,01 mm every time. The adjusting system is completely covered in the adjustable unit and there are no other small parts. The CUBIT hydro sleeve has two independent separate hydraulic systems providing a maximum performance and a minimal run out. THREE STEPS TO PROFILE SUCCESS Illustrated are surfaces that are adjusted by CUBIT. 3 Pressurize and clamp the tool at the red position A....

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW SPARE PARTS Safety ring For spindle with hexagon (Perske KCS 70 D) Grinding disc 100 incl. springs Grinding disc 110 incl. springs Safety disc 40 (for spindle with hexagon) adjustable unit/sleeve fixed tool/sleeve INCLUDED IN ALL DIMENSIONS 4x screws DIN 912 M6x16 adjustable unit/sleeve 4x screws DIN 912 M8x40 fixed tool/sleeve 4x springs 8x55 Handle with bits

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ETP CUBIT INT 40/100 The ETP CUBIT INT is developed and specially designed for combination tools placed on a horizontal or tilted motor spindle. The pressurizing as well as the profile adjustment is easy carried out with the radially accessibility providing a minimal set up time and maximum productivity. Illustrated is typical surface that is adjusted by CUBIT INT.

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THREE STEPS TO PROFILE SUCCESS The unique adjusting device is completely covered and integrated into the special hydraulic sleeve. There are no other small parts making it very user friendly and guarantee a consistent high precision. MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY The CUBIT INT brings the set-up time down to an absolute minimum! The adjustment is easily radially accessible and there is no need to change the motor position, dismount or open the dust/exhaust cover which is saving valuable down time and assuring maximum productivity. 3 Pressurize and clamp the tool. Minimal run out, high precision and...

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW SPARE PARTS For spindle with hexagon (Perske KCS 70 D) fixed tool/sleeve fixed tool/springs Safety disc 40 (for spindle with hexagon) INCLUDED 4xscrews DIN 912 M8x22 fixed tool/sleeve 4xscrews DIN 912 M8x40 fixed tool/springs

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HEAD OFFICE LINKÖPING, SWEDEN SALES OFFICE MILFORD, USA SALES OFFICE SHANGHAI, CHINA The CUBIT were announced as a winner of The Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award® for 2010 and recognized as one of the industry’s most innovate products. The ultimate way to profile precision together with you too? For more information please visit MAIN OFFICES

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ACCURACY THROUGH TIME It is believed that about 3000 years BC, the Egyptian unit of length came into being. The ”Royal Cubit Master” was carved out of a block of granite to endure for all times. Workers engaged in building tombs, temples, pyramids, etc. were supplied with cubits made of wood or granite. With this standardization and uniformity of length, the Egyptians achieved surprising accuracy. Thousands of workers were engaged in building the Great Pyramid of Giza. Through the use of cubit sticks, they achieved an accuracy of 0.05%. In roughly 756 feet or 9,069.4 inches, they were...

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