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ETICONTROL program - 1

Technical data 165 OWER NEEDS CONTROL 165

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ETICONTROL program - 2

£TI ATS Controller ATS controller (ATC-E, ATC-B) Applications - Intelligent Power Switch controller ATC is monitoring and controlling device for automatic changeover system ATS (ATS system involves restoration of power consumers by automatically switching to alternative power supply when disconnecting from primary power supply in case of failure and switch back to the primary when stable) for voltages up to 400V. The device is intended for use in all types of industry and controls switching devices such as disconnectors with motor-driven circuit breakers or contactors. LED indication: ■...

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ETICONTROL program - 3

Technical data ATS Controller Technical data Start Mains Generator White LED White LED Generator Contactor Contactor LR LG

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ETICONTROL program - 4

Technical data Connecting examples eticontrol I-llVdc 3 phase system H i i 1 1 1 i - _^ LM T S R T S R

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