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Экономия Saved space пространства Advantages of Air Circuit Breakers ETIPOWER  ETIPOWER ACBs have the world's smallest depth resulting in space saving in switchboards.  ETIPOWER is the world's first "Double Break" ACB, having two breaking contacts per phase, what means that the short time withstand rating (ICW, 1sec) is equal to ICS for all models.  Three types of main circuit terminal arrangements are available: - vertical terminals, - horizontal terminals, - front connections. Different types of terminal arrangements can be specified for the line and load sides. "Double Break" system ...

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Air Circuit Breakers EP Z Interlock 'A' 'Trips' Actual Fault Zone  The EP6 ACB interrupts the current at two points on the line side while dissipating heat from contacts or terminals by efficient air convection through a pressure valve. Example of EP Zone interlock Function  An ON-OFF button cover prevents inadvertent or unauthorized operation of the ON or OFF button. It can be locked with up to three padlocks.  In conventional discrimination systems, short time delays are used to allow a short-circuit current to be tripped by the circuit breaker nearest the fault. With the ETIPOWER Z...

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Application - Air circuit breakers ETIPOWER are used for protection of distribution lines, generators and other electrical equipment from effects of overload and short-circuit currents. Air circuit breakers ETIPOWER are available in 3 frame sizes from 800A to 6300A, with a voltage up to 690V: size 1: current from 800 to 2000A size 2: current 2500 to 3200A (Type SB at 4000A made in 2 sizes) size 3: current 4000A - 6300A Sizes 1 and 2 have two versions, draw-out and fixed. There are many options for connecting and wide range of accessories. Two types of level breaking capacity: Type S...

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