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eSurvey UB100 USVs Application in underwater topography Recommended Solution Shanghai e-Compass Science &Technology Co., Ltd Email: info@esurvey-gnss.com Web: www.esurvey-gnss.com

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UB100 USVs Surveying System - 2

1. Introduction of Unmanned Survey Vessel The unmanned survey boat water body measurement system technology is based on an unmanned remote controlled measuring boat as a carrier, integrates a variety of high-precision sensing equipment such as GNSS, water depth measurement, gyroscope, CCD camera, etc., and adopts broadband wireless transmission to receive data onshore in real time. It analyzes and processes the data collected by the unmanned boat system, and operates the hull and onboard sensors in two ways: remote control and automatic control; This system can take on rivers, lakes,...

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UB100 USVs Surveying System - 3

System composition: This system consists of A unmanned boat subsystem, B shore-based control subsystem and HY1611 special sensor for unmanned boat. A. Unmanned boat subsystem The hull is equipped with a power system, on-board control system, depth sensor, gyroscope, GNSS positioning module, CCD camera and wireless data transmission module. Through embedded technology, the control of the hull and the acquisition of data, fusion and transmission of data from various sensors are realized. B. Shore-based control subsystem The system is mainly composed of an interactive interface. It receives,...

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UB100 USVs Surveying System - 4

HY1611 Depth Sounder for UAV HY1611 special sensor for unmanned boats is suitable for different water depth environments, and can accurately measure and display the distance between the hull and the bottom of the water body. The whole system is automatic, intelligent dynamic signal detection, identification and lock in tracking, real-time monitoring and control of the entire measurement process, ensuring high-level measurement accuracy and reliability of the measurement system. The measurement data is transmitted in real time through the serial port. 1-1 HY1611 Main technical indicators 2....

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UB100 USVs Surveying System - 5

2. Collected data processing After the data collection has been completed, mainly by using drawing tools and professional data processing software, the raw data is firstly pre-processed such as determining the central position of the sensor, coordinate system conversion, and data acquisition time correction, and then the data is subjected to positioning data outlier detection. And correction, water depth data outlier detection and correction, and data correction. The processed data is evaluated using the cross-water depth accuracy assessment method, and finally plotted, and the contour map...

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UB100 USVs Surveying System - 6

3.Contour lines generation During the depth measurement process of the instrument sensor, if there are not actual underwater objects, such as single beam hitting air bubbles, there will be floating points during data processing, and for topographic mapping, the points must not be too dense and the distribution needs to be uniform, so thinning is required. If the original data is used to construct straight lines such as triangulation, there will be too much detail, which will cause the contours to be disordered. Therefore the topographic data is processed according to the density required by...

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UB100 USVs Surveying System - 9

1. Route layout, determine the survey area range and survey line distance on the shore-based software, and determine the shore-based control position and regression point. 2. Internal processing, mainly to remove floating points and noise, and to process the water depth guide data. 3. Output of results and drawing production. The unmanned boat system supports the output of conventional survey software data formats, such as TXT, dat, dxf, and shp. According to the format of the data, it can meet the production of conventional survey drawings, can be made into contour maps, underwater 3D map...

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