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Control center Reference station 1 Data center Data center subsystem Reference station 2 Mobile network Other networks Communication system Reference station 3 Active user Other users Reference station x User subsystem CORS subsystem NET20 PLUS Introduction of iCORS system The iCORS Ground-based Augmentation System (GBAS) is designed for high-precision positioning and precise timing of Beidou. The system consists of a CORS subsystem, a communication subsystem, a data center and a user subsystem, providing high-precision positioning and timing services for the area, providing precise position and time services for surveying, GIS meteorology, earthquake, and smart cities. Self-developed core technology The core software and hardware of the iCORS system supports secondary development, which can be personalized development according to the needs of users. High security Based on the security design of the underlying code, the system security is guaranteed to the greatest extent. The system supports encryption parameter, online data conversion and other functions to ensure the security of measurement data. High reliability Highly reliable system components to ensure long-term operation of the system Strong compatibility The system is compatible with, GPS, GLONASS, BDS, satellite systems, and reserves GALILEO, QZSS system upgrade. The differential data supports multiple data formats such as rtcm2.x / 3.x and CMR, and is compatible with access of mainstream terminal equipment at home and abroad.

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iCORS-GBAS-GNSS Receiver ■ High resolution LCD screen Equipped with a large high-resolution 256*64 OLED display, real-time display of current engineering information and satellite status, convenient and fast. ■ Rugged and reliable industrial quality All-metal body, the interface uses lemo connector, equipped with more data interfaces to ensure extended functions. ■ High speed and reliable network performance Equipped with Ethernet port and direct interconnection network, users can upgrade and manage products remotely over the network. Power Supply GNSS Performance Channel 336 Data...

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