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ETS800 - 1

ETS800 ■ 2" Angle measurement ■ 30x telescope magnification ■ Up to 800m without prism ■ Supports multiple language ■ Support Bluetooth Total Station ETS800 is a high-precision total station, providing customers with accurate angle and distance measurement. Built-in with common used measurement formulas. The fast, accurate and stable measurement definitely brings you with new experience. ■ Compensator range ±3' Fast and reliable measurement

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ETS800 - 2

Product Specification Angle Measurement Measurement Time Reading System Absolute encoder Display Resolution Level Vial Sensitivity Minimum Reading Plate Level Circular Leve Lase Plummet Laser Spot Field Angle Data Management Object Aperture Minimum Focus Compensator Range Distance Measuring Range Single Prism Range Reflector Range Working Time 6 hours angle and distance Non-Prism Range Distance Measuring Accuracy Minimum Reading Physical Specification Prism Accuracy Reflector Accuracy Non-Prism Accuracy Working Temperature Storage Temperature * All above technical parameters are just for...

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