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EB100Base Station • Centimeter-level accuracy using multi-frequency GNSS receiver technology in a rugged, all-in-one enclosure • Strong multipath mitigation and interference rejection Wide operating voltage range, 9-36V, high transient protection for any power source • Long range RTK baselines of up to radius 5 km with internal radio, further distance can be reached with external radio • SBAS satellite ranging technology increases the number of satellites in view for greater speed and reliability

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The EB100 base station offer an affordable, versatile solution with centimeter-level accuracy for agricultural and other applications by multi-frequency GNSS receiver technology, which can be mounted on a tripod quickly and conveniently. They can provide differential signals for series rovers at the same time. They can be powered through various sources, making EB100 base station ideal for a long time operation. The receivers, antennas and radio modems all be packaged in a durable enclosures house. RTK differential correction data can be transmitted to the rover through the built-in radio....

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