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The EA204 GNSS Smart Antenna offers an affordable, professional-level accuracy for agriculture, marine, GIS, mapping, and other applications. Built-in GNSS board and MEMS, high-precision antenna, covering the reception of GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO, and L-Band signal. ■ Atlas L-band corrections ■ Support GPS, GLONASS, BDS, Galileo ■ Compact design ■ IP67 enclosure against harsh environments

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EA204 - 2

L-Band Baud Rates 4800-115200bps Update Rate 5Hz standard Correction I/O Protocol RTCM v2.3(DGPS) Timing (1PPS) Accuracy 20 ns(RMS) Cold Start Timing Output Warm Start falling edge sync, 10 kO, 10pF load Event Marker Input Speed Accuracy Horizontal Accuracy SBAS 1m (RMS) Physical Atlas Basic 0.25m (RMS) Pitch / Roll Accuracy Dimensions Weight CMOS, active low, falling edge sync, 10 kO, 10pF load D146 x H70.5mm 470g(typical) Aluminum base with ASA plastic cap Power Supply Antenna Mounting DC 7-36V, 4W (12V), Reverse Polarity Protection Status Indications (LED) Power On(Red), RTK (Green),...

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