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E800 GNSS Receiver E800 integrated intelligent receiver is a new generation of surveying product. It is a high-end of RTK receiver, using magnesium-aluminum alloy. The highly integrated body has excellent ability of heat dissipation and anti-interference, high precision, more stability, strong compatibility and environmental applicability. Build-in 13600 mAh battery and 5-watt radio to make a change to your survey job! Built-in radio (5W) Up to 10km transmission distance, 410-470Mhz full-band, compatible with major transmission protocols. Superior anti-interference ability Stronger signal acquisition capability in harsh environments. Built-in battery (13600mAh) For longer lasting operation. Magnesium-aluminum alloy design Excellent heat dissipation. Built-in 4G network module Global 4G network module, support NTRIP mode. LCD Display Sunlight viewable screen, support touch operation. Built-in Bluetooth, WiFi communication module With smart WebUI, it will be more convinient to view device status and configurate the working mode. Tilt survey The E800 receiver integrates MEMS sensor, combined with a new tilt survey algorithm and SurPad4.0 software operation, the accuracy of coordinate data can be easily achieved within 60° tilt angle.

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