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GNSS Receiver The shape design of E300 Pro is inspired by flying saucer, which means future technology, and supports satellite station differential and satellite chain life, quick connection, intelligent voice, tilt survey, etc. The body is made of magnesium alloy, which is rugged and has better EMC characteristics, it creates a high-grade aesthetic feeling, simple yet sophisticated. The shape of the E300 Pro is inspired by the flying saucer, bringing the high performance and minimal structure of outer space. The interface adopts a concealed design for better protection, and Type-C charging and transmitting is a two-in-one function. The user can connect to the receiver through a smartphone or other hardware products with WiFi function to perform settings, status check, survey data download and firmware upgrade, etc. Operating E300 Pro can be as simple as surfing the Internet. Battery Checking Check the battery level anytime with the unique LED power indicator. In the RTK operation, when the differential link of the radio or network is interrupted, the aRTK function is used, and the accuracy of the RTK operation can be maintained for a certain period of time, and there is no dead angle in the satellite chain. The receiver has only one power button, which is convenient for users to learn and use. The body is made of magnesium alloy, which is rugged and has better EMC characteristics. The weight of the whole receiver is only 940g. IP67, 2m drop-resistant design make the device worry-free. Intelligent voice The receiver and controller software support TTS intelligent voice broadcast, and the broadcast content supports user customization. Electronic bubble The built-in electronic bubble can display the horizontal situation on the controller, which is convenient for the surveyor to collect the detailed points in the field. L-Band: ATLAS Using a global framework reference station for differential data solving and broadcasting via satellite, users can achieve single-receiver centimeter positioning on a global scale, even if you are in the ocean, desert, gobi and other extreme environments, it can provide you with accurate coordinate data under the global framework. Tilt survey The E300 Pro’s built-in high-sensitivity MEMS sensor, combined with the patented tilt survey algorithm, eliminates the need for calibration and is ready to use.

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GNSS Receiver Satellite Tracking Channel Spacing Update rate Signal Reacquisition Emitting Power Connect to external power and radio For charging and data transmission Performance (RMS)1 Static Accuracy V2.1+EDR / V4.1 Dual Mode, Class 2 Electronic Bubble Update firmware, manage settings and status, download data Support TTS voice broadcast Physical Specifications Vertical: Code Differential SBAS Accuracy Power Supply Battery Horizontal: 0.25 m Horizontal: 0.3 m Rechargeable, built-in Lithium-ion battery 7.2 V - 6800 mAh Dimensions Weight Water/Dust Proof Survive a 2 m pole drop on concrete...

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