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Positioning lnform< Rase distancerf) fins SurPad4.0 Software SurPad4.0 is a GNSS surveying and mapping software. It is designed based on years of accumulated market experiences, combining them with the international mainstream of surveying and mapping data acquisition function of the software, integrating RTK control, GIS data collection and road design and layout into one place. The software has outstanding graphic interaction, powerful functions and is able to humanize operation process.

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Operation System - Android platform - Online update - Online activation Communication - Bluetooth - WIFI - Serial Port Map Function - Google street map1 - Google satellite map2 - Open street map - Jump to map center Coordinate System - Build-in large number of coordinate system - Support four parameters and seven parameters - Support Grid shift file: *.GSB format - Support Geoid file: *.GGF, *.SGF, *.UGF - Save and share coordinate system with QR code - Support localization Feature code - Support customized feature code File Import/Export - Export to *.csv, *.dat, *.dxf, *.kml, *.gpx,...

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