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esTic Fastening Solutions Handy 2000 Series GENERAL CATALOG vol.2 JP : www.estic.co.jp EN : www.estic.co.jp/en/ CN : www.estic.co.jp/cn/ Linked RB O YouTube www.linkedin.co m/c ompany/estic-corporation www.youtube.com/user/EsticCorporation

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ESTIC is a highly acclaimed provider of state-of-the-art nutrunner systems for the automotive and aircraft industries and beyond. The name, ESTIC, reflects our commitment to creating electric servo technology that delivers exceptional performance. As part of this, our mission is to provide top-quality, reliable fastening solutions for all types of torque tightening needs. ESTIC developed its first electric handheld nutrunner for commercial use almost twenty years ago and has been evolving ever since. Today, the manufacturing industries we serve are undergoing major changes, as indicated by...

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The ESTIC Group is a pioneer in pulse fastening technology and a global leader in innovation for the fastening industry. At ESTIC, we strive for the ultimate level of user-friendliness by meeting our clients' demands for products that are light, fast, and easy to use. Here, in our Handy 2000 Series of electric handheld nutrunners, we offer the perfect expression of this ambition in what is ESTIC's foremost brand. Index_ introduction 01 -02 Fastening Solutions Fastening Technology 05 -06 Direct Technology Data Management Technology 11 - 12 Control Station Solutions 15-16^''' Smart Arm...

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D irect Technology Whether for engines, transmissions, or EV batteries, our high-speed, high-precision direct fastening technology provides reliable traceability and steadfast support for those critical parts and components that demand optimal accuracy and repeatability. Combine with a tracer arm for a user-friendly fastening setup with no reaction force. Use a direct-only tool to execute high-torque fastening where pulse technology cannot be used. High-level Quality Control High-speed Sampling and Response The fastening performance of the nutrunner is evaluated with inspection equipment...

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ulse Technology High Speed ESTIC PULSE HS has been outfitted with a proprietary motor control mechanism to achieve accelerated pulse operations. This dedicated high-speed pulse fastening model comes equipped with both a high-speed 200V AC boost mode and a dramatically-improved 100V AC standard fastening mode to deliver the exact speed and torque you require. Torque - Time Waveform Final Fastening Seat Torque Patented in Japan, USA and China ( TIME) ( SPEED) ( PULSE LEVEL) Rotation Direction Pulse Level - Time Waveform First Speed Pulse Level ( TIME) Run Time Stop Time 02 Small Reaction Force...

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Technology Exceptional Quality and Ease of Use ESTIC is committed to improving both the quality and ease of the bolt fastening process. Thanks to ESTIC’s cordless technology, one can achieve the same degree of fastening precision as corded systems, all while remaining mobile. Eliminate troublesome cables when fastening hard-to-reach parts around a vehicle’s wheels or when tightening interior components such as seat belts. Of course, our high-speed pulse fastening technology is included in the cordless product line. Let our cordless technology revolutionize your production processes....

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Control Station The Handy 2000 Series Controller is a control station that provides powerful assembly support. It controls not only the tool itself but also various accessories while communicating with the host network. Experience the pinnacle of productivity, quality and user-friendliness. Tool Control Accessory Control Communication Control with Host Network This ensures the connected tool is functioning correctly and delivering precision fastening. Improve the productivity of production processes by connecting various useful accessories. / Socket Tray / NET I/O / Signal Tower / Barcode...

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Our Handy 2000 Series comes equipped with an all-in-one platform that allows for easy integration and communication with any network infrastructure. Improve both productivity and quality by making the Handy 2000 Series the centerpiece of your assembly line. Handy 2000 Lite plus Line Control Socket Tray Direct / Pulse Tools Cloud Data Management Touch Panel Display Signal Tower Cordless Tools Micro Tools

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CH1 Pretightening with 21 N·m at 6 locations CH2 Loosening with 90 degrees at 6 locations CH3 Final tightening with 49 N·m at 6 locations Which is the next fastening ? Smart Arm Solution ESTIC’s smart support arm not only cancels out reaction forces during fastening but also provides guidance on the positioning and order of fastening. Thanks to the support arm’s smart functionality, you will never have to worry about untightened screws and bolts, or the fastening order and position again. When fastening, operator errors such as incomplete fastening, fastening the incorrect position, or...

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Direct / Pulse Technology Micro Technology Transaxle Assembly Battery Assembly Power Control Unit Assembly Harness Mounting Engine Assembly Intake Manifold Exhaust Manifold Suspension Assembly Front Suspension Arm Rear Suspension Arm Steering Mounting Electric Power Steering Assembly Tire Mounting Seat Belt Mounting Cordless Technology Seat Mounting In the automotive industry, the tools we select for our assembly operations have a dramatic impact on overall productivity and quality. With ESTIC, you can flexibly choose from an extensive array of cordless and corded models that cover a wide...

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Custom-made Solutions Specification Table Open End Crowfoot Gear Torque Range Quick Reference Chart Tool List Controller Specifications Controller Models and Options Accessory List Controller Port Description

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Torque Range Quick Reference Chart Handy 2000 Lite plus Handy 2000 Touch Handy 2000 Cordless DIRECT TOOLS Right Angle PULSE TOOLS [ ESTIC PULSE T ] Torque Range Torque Range Right Angle Handy 2000 Micro Type Right Angle Torque Range PULSE TOOLS [ ESTIC PULSE T ] Torque Range DIRECT TOOLS Right Angle Pistol Torque Range Torque Range DIRECT Only DIRECT Only Recommended Use Range

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