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Metallurgical - 1

Metallurgical Meeting the demands of new process technology

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Metallurgical - 2

BALL MILLS, ROD MILLS & BOND INDEX MILLS Labtech Essa manufacture a range of metallurgical laboratory sized ball and rod mills to suit most applications. Included in the range is a Bond index mill which has specific application in establishing the grindability of ores (see sheet 2 of this data sheet) The ball and the rod mill are of essentially the same basic concept comprising a barrel mounted in a rotating yoke assembly which is driven through a gearbox from a three phase electric motor . The barrel is pivot mounted on the rotating yoke and can be tilted for loading and discharge. A...

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Metallurgical - 3

BALL MILLS, ROD MILLS & BOND INDEX MILLS LABTECH ESSA BOND INDEX BALL AND ROD MILLS Internationally accepted mineral metallurgical standard test procedures to determine the physical properties of ores include the Bond ball mill work index and the Bond rod mill work index. These are empirical indices determined by closed circuit grindability tests developed by F.C.Bond in the mid 1930’s. They require a specific 305mm diameter x 305mm long (inside dimensions) horizontal axis ball mill without lifters operating at 70 rpm to perform grindabilities from 28 to 500 mesh and a 305mm diameter x...

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Metallurgical - 4

BOTTLE ROLLERS Labtech Essa continuous duty bottle rollers are used for batch wet leaching and wet or dry grinding or blending of a wide variety of ores, minerals and similar particulate. They find particular application in the acid leaching of finely ground ore in mineral analytical laboratories. The unit is comprised essentially of rubber covered contra-rotating rollers on which plastic, ceramic or metallic jars containing the particulate are placed. The bottles are then rolled about their own horizontal axis until the desired leaching, grinding or blending result is obtained. The...

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Metallurgical - 5

PRESSURE FILTERS FOR DEWATERING LABORATORY SIZE BATCHES OF SLURRY SAMPLE AND PROCESS CONCENTRATE Labtech Essa pressure filters consist essentially of a vertical cylindrical barrel arranged to have a filter cloth installed at it’s lower end and to have a batch of slurry or process concentrate introduced at it’s upper end. The cylinder is then sealed and (air)pressurised, forcing the liquid to be separated from the solids content and discharged from the barrel, leaving the solids behind as an easily recoverable filter cake. 24 litre, floor mounted with screw type lid & base plate 13 litre,...

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Metallurgical - 6

FLOTATION TEST MACHINE A bench top laboratory apparatus for establishing the percentage of reagents in a production flotation cell and for metallurgical test work This versatile unit is used in metallurgical laboratories to perform agitation, attrition scrubbing and blending tests that can be replicated in a production environment. The variable speed control is complete with digital readout of the rotating speed of the impeller for greater accuracy, optimum speed control and repeatability. Feed back capability is available as an optional extra. The unit is also supplied as standard with...

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