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The Eraser Company, Inc. is proudly celebrating over 100 years of quality manufacturing. Our History The Eraser Company, Inc. was founded in 1911 and at that time, the only product manufactured was the Rush FybRglass® Eraser. In the 1940’s, Eraser discovered that the same abrasive material found in the Rush FybRglass® Eraser could remove enamel insulation from resistance and magnet wire. As a result, a new product line was born. The company continually expanded and refined its product line to include all types of wire processing equipment including wire, cable, and tubing cutters, wire and...

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Eraser International Catalog - 3

Thank you for your interest in The Eraser Company! Find our most popular categories here: M . 700 Modular Series Wire and Tubing Cutters 3 - 4 Cleaning and Burnishing Brushes 5 Wire, Cable & Tubing Cutters 6 Reelers, Dereelers, Winders & Measuring Meters7 - 10

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Eraser International Catalog - 5

M700 Modular Series The M700 Modular Series is a convenient concept in wire and tube processing. With the modular design, you can quickly switch between wire, small tube and large tube processing. The M700 Modular Series is a compact table top system designed to cut various wire and tubing material to repeatable accurate lengths by using a choice of multiple style cutting modules that can be used with or without the feeder module. M700C - Modular Series Controller Max. material size1-1/8” OD (28.6 mmø) Max. cut length 99,999” (99,999cm) Min. cut length 0.1” (.254cm) Tolerance (w/ M700F)...

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Eraser International Catalog - 6

M700TW - Tubing & Wire Cutter Max. Tube Size 3/8” OD (9.5mmø) Max. Copper Wire SizeStranded 10AWG (2.59mm) Solid 12AWG (2.06mm) Max. Cut Length 99,999” (99,999cm) Min. Cut Length 0.1” (0.254cm) Module Dimensions16”L x 7.25”W x 8”H (406.4mm x 184.2mm x 203.2mm) Weight 17.5 lbs. (8.0kg) Air Supply Required90 PSI (6.2 bar) Ordering Information AR3500 (M700TW) Requires M700C Controller Required Bushings* for M700TW IR3540 Replacement Feed Belt IR1187 M700ST - Small Tube Cutter Max. Material Size 1/2” OD (12.7mm) Max. Cut Length 99,999” (99,999cm) Min. Cut Length 0.1” (0.254cm) Module...

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Eraser International Catalog - 7

Cleaning and Burnishing Brushes FybRglass® Erasers and Brushes Eraser Stick Brushes Eraser Cleaning and Burnishing brushes are made from coarse or fine grade FybRglass®, Brass, Nylon and Stainless Steel. These tools are suitable for a wide variety of cleaning, burnishing and polishing applications including electrical contact cleaning, mold cleaning, rust removal, deburring small metal parts, erasing printing marks, cleaning contact pads and fingers of printed circuit boards, and much more. Ordering Information Stick Brushes, 5-1/2” long (140mm) AA0104 (BR0/F) Fine stick brush 1/4” OD...

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Eraser International Catalog - 8

Wire, Cable & Tubing Cutters FC10 & HC10 Cable Cutters Whether the foot-operated FC10 or the hand-operated HC10, these cutters provide clean, square cutting of a variety of different wires and cables. Max. blade opening 1.00” diameter (31.75mm) Min. material size 0.010” diameter (0.254mm) Ordering information AR5700 (HC10) hand operated AR5800 (FC10) foot operated IR8775conversion kit, changes HC10 to FC10 MR30A Handheld Air-Operated Cutter Specifications Lightweight and powerful, this air-operated cutter uses 70-90 PSI to create up to 617 pounds of cutting force. 0.047” OD (1.19mmø) piano...

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Eraser International Catalog - 9

Reelers, Dereelers & Measuring Meters Eraser offers reelers, dereelers, winders and measuring tools for a broad range of wire and cable handling needs. Manual or compensating reelers and dereelers and measuring tools work with Eraser cable processing units to provide complete combinations of material handling equipment. CW10 Small Reeler and Dereeler Specifications A collapsible reeler with friction clutch for a variety of wire and cable also dereels hanks or coils of material by reversing the reeling operation. CW20 Medium Reeler and Dereeler The unit has a friction clutch, making it ideal...

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Eraser International Catalog - 10

Reelers, Dereelers & Measuring Meters Measuring Meters Specifications Designed to measure long lengths of wire, cable, flat cable and other flexible material, a digital counter records the amount of measured material. Measure rates up to 1,000 feet (305M) per minute Material size Flexible material from 1/64” (0.40mm) to 2” (50.8mm) dia. or width Readout feet and inches to 9,999’11” or meters and 1/10 meters to 9,999.9M Accuracy ±.5% depending on material and feed Ordering information AR0610 (WMI) Measuring meter (feet/inches) steel rollers AR0620 (WMM) Measuring meter (meters) steel rollers...

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Eraser International Catalog - 11

Reelers, Dereelers & Measuring Meters DE600 Dereeler & Winder Versatile manual dereeler and reeler, for reel sizes up to 29 feet. An adjustable friction clutch assembly prevents overruns. Unit can be floor or bench mounted. Max. reel width15” (381mm) Max. reel dia29” OD (737mmø) Reel arbor diameter3/4” to 2-1/8” (19mmø to 54mmø) Ordering Information AR5600 (DE600) Manual dereeler and winder DE300 Reel Lifter and Dereeler Specifications Utilizing the help of leverage, these units enable two people to set up reels over 2000 lbs. (909 Kg) in weight. DE300 Max. reel width31” (787mm) DE300 Max....

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Eraser International Catalog - 12

Reelers, Dereelers & Measuring Meters DE100 Turntable Dereeler Specifications Turntable Diameter8" (203mmø) Overall Size 9" x 10-1/2"(229mm x 267mm) Max. reel weight 100 lbs. (45 Kg) The single station turntable will accommodate a reel up to 100 lbs. (45 Kg). Ordering information AR0010 (DE100) Single Station Dereeler DE500 Five Station Dereeler Specifications This free-running, five station dereeler will hold up to five 50 lb. (23 Kg) reels and is perfect for all dereeling applications. Turntable Diameter 18-1/4” (464mmø) Individual Turntable Diameter6-1/2" (165mmø) Overall Size 16-5/8" x...

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Eraser International Catalog - 13

Wire & Cable Strippers Whether you’re working with coaxial, extruded, or magnet/enamel wire or cable, Eraser offers a wide range of stripping options. Designed to our exacting specifications to meet your specific needs, our complete line of blade, thermal, or chemical strippers features more than 40 products. And if you can’t find it in our standard product line, we can custom build one for you! JCS Cable Strippers Adjustable depth swivel blades allow easy peel-off of insulation, even for cables with tightly molded insulation. Stripping range (over insulation) JCS35 1” to 1-3/8” OD (25mm to...

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