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technology corp Extensometer Catalog Epsilon Extensometers for materials testing

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Our Company  1 Compatibility and Interfacing  2 Performance Features  4 Service  5 Frequently Asked Questions  6 What our customers have to say about us  7 Axial Extensometers  9 3542 Axial Extensometers  10 3442 Miniature / Low Profile Extensometers  12 3542L Extra-Long Gauge Length Extensometers  14 3543 Rugged, Long Gauge Length Extensometers  16 3800 High Elongation Extensometers  18 LE-05 and LE-15 Non-Contact Laser Extensometers  20 High Temperature Axial Extensometers (Above 200˚C or 400˚F)  23 3448 High Temperature Self-Supporting Furnace Extensometers (1200 °C) ...

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Extensometer Catalog Version 108 - 3

Strain measurement for materials testing is our sole business at Epsilon. Over forty years of experience have gone into the development of our products. At our facility in Jackson, Wyoming, we design and build extensometers for testing around the world. Extensometers are available for testing almost all engineering materials including: elastomers, plastics, composites, metals, ceramics, geomaterials (e.g. rock, concrete, and asphalt), and biomaterials including bone. There are models for tiny and delicate samples, including relatively fine wire, up to massive metal samples and large rock...

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Extensometer Catalog Version 108 - 4

Interfacing Epsilon extensometers to test equipment. Compatibility All of Epsilon’s strain gaged transducers employ a full wheatstone bridge design. They are powered by an excitation voltage, typically between 5 and 10 VDC. The output of the extensometer is proportional to the excitation. For this reason the calibrated output is often expressed as a mV/V value. An extensometer with a full scale span of 2.345 mV/V will have a full scale output of 23.450 mV if the excitation is 10V. This span data is provided by Epsilon on each extensometer test certificate. All strain gaged sensors must be...

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Extensometer Catalog Version 108 - 5

CALIBRATING EXTENSOMETERS WITH EXISTING ELECTRONICS Required for any extensometer you buy, this process can be performed many ways, most of which are quite simple. The most common options are as follows: Using Epsilon’s shunt calibration module detailed on the shunt calibration page, this is a very quick As and easy way to set your electronics, regardless of brand. Shunt calibration allows the user to transfer Epsilon’s calibration to on-site electronics using a two point calibration line fit (or more if additional shunt calibration modules are requested). Please see page 120 for more...

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OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE FEATURES IN EVERY MODEL • Most models may be left on through specimen failure Light weight to minimize specimen influence Most models operate in both tension and compression Most models are capable of being used in cyclic tests Low operating force, normally less than 40g, with many under 20g Easy to attach to specimens, with quick attach kits for most models Immersible in many non-conductive fluids Initial gauge length accurately established Performance Features Rugged construction withstands constant handling and mounting All come with foam lined case Backed by many...

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Extensometer Catalog Version 108 - 7

We are all about service at Epsilon. Each extensometer comes with a full, one year warranty. The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for a full year, excluding normal wear and damage from excessive applied force. Each unit is produced under stringent quality standards and is fully tested and calibrated before leaving the factory. Certain items such as knife edges and ceramic rods wear under normal use, and a spare set is included. The modular design of the extensometers allows for easy replacement of damaged parts. Should your extensometer require repair, Epsilon maintains a...

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Extensometer Catalog Version 108 - 8

Can Epsilon extensometers be left on through specimen failure? Yes. All Epsilon standard extensometers are designed to withstand remaining on the sample through specimen failure. On certain materials, such as high strength metals, knife edges will wear out faster if the extensometer is left on through failure. A spare set of knife edges is included. Frequently Asked Questions Will the extensometer be compatible with my existing electronics? All extensometers in this catalog can easily be shipped with the mating connector already installed, so you can plug right in to your existing...

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Extensometer Catalog Version 108 - 9

“ At Laborator Dinamic we are using your Epsilon extensometers for modernizing different kinds of Universal Testing Machines or on new machines. ... I really appreciate your product’s simple and clever embedding solutions “ I use Epsilon extensometers because they are rugged, well built and with high quality and technical performances.” economical. I find their versatility to be their most appealing aspect. We interface them with several data acquisition systems as well as testing machines. We use them in traditional testing modes to non-traditional, stand JOHN DINA LABORATOR DINAMIC,...

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Extensometer Catalog Version 108 - 11

3442 Miniature / Low Profile Extensometers Model 3543-SR-xxxx-xxxx-xx Large Gage Length Extensometer 3542L Extra-Long Gauge Length Extensometers Axial Extensometers MODEL 3800-xxxx-xxx High Elongation Extensometer 3543 Long Gauge Length Extra Rugged Extensometers 3800 High Elongation Extensometers 2 inch [50 mm] gage length 1 inch [25 mm] gage length

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Extensometer Catalog Version 108 - 12

3542 Axial Extensometers General purpose extensometers for axial tensile, compression, and cyclic testing. Gauge lengths from 10 to 80 mm (and 0.5 to 2 inches) and full scale measuring ranges from 5% to 100% strain. Model 3542 with 25 mm gauge length Model 3542 with 0.5 inch gauge length and ±25% measuring range These extensometers are designed for testing a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, composites and ceramics. All will work in both tension and compression. The dual flexure design makes them very rugged and insensitive Model 3542 with 25 mm gauge length and to...

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Extensometer Catalog Version 108 - 13

Ordering Information May be left on through specimen failure. bridge, 350 ohm strain gaged design for compatibility with nearly any test system. models can measure in both tension and compression and can be used for cyclic testing. Mechanical overtravel stops in both directions. stops are used for overtravel protection where required. Epsilon’s cable stops are contained fully between the arms of the extensometer, and do not hang below where they can interfere with fixturing – especially during compression testing. units meet ASTM class B-1 requirements for accuracy. A test certificate is...

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