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Thermometers and transmitters for the process industry - 28 Pages

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Thermometers and transmitters for the process industry

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Thermometers and transmitters for the process industry >

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Thermometers for XP / EEx d applicationsThermometers for high temperature applicationsTemperature solutions Pressure tight thermometers for Ex d applicationsThermometers with ceramic thermowell and platinum measurement insert for high temperature applicationsTube skin thermometers for surfacetemperature measurement,Multipoint thermometers,application specific solutionsOil & GasPower,Primary industry,Metal preparation,Flue gasOil & Gas,Power,ChemicalATEX Ex i, Ex d;FM / CSA: IS, XP;SIL2-PED, CRN;ATEX Ex d;FM / CSA: XPRTD:-200 C...+600 аC (-330 F...+1100 аF)TC:-40 C...+800 аC (-40 F...+1470...

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Temperature is the most frequently measured parameter in the process industry. In electrical, contact thermometers two measurement principles have asserted themselves as a standard: RTD - Resistance sensors A thermocouple is a component made of two different metals connected with each other at one end. An electrical potential (thermoelectric force) is caused due to the Seebeck effect at the open end if the connection and the free ends are exposed to differ- ent temperatures. With the help of the so-called thermocouples reference tables (see IEC 584) the temperature at the connection...

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The mechanical construction of a thermometer used in process plants is the same for resistance thermometers and thermocouples and consists of the following components: Measurement insert with ceramic terminal block or head transmitter Օ Thermowell Process connection Օ Neck Connection head with cable glands > Connection head The connection head is fitted to the thermowell or the neck of the thermometer. Benefit: Օ Protection and installation for terminal blockor transmitter. Cable entry and wiring. Neck / nipple The neck is the connection between connection head and process connection /...

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The process connection is the connection between the process and the thermometer.The following process connections are those most commonly used in the process industries: Compression fitting: The thermometer is put into a sleeve in the compression fitting and then clamped using either a reusable compression ring or destroyed olive. The compression fitting is either screwed or welded into the process. Flange: Flanges are subject to the DIN or ANSI / ASME standards. They are classified according to material, diameter, hole pitch and pressure rating.To fulfill the strongly varying process...

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TA20AIP TA20BIPTA20DIPTA20WIP 66/67 65 66 66 > Form B Standard Form BUK Form BUZH Form BUS TA20JIPTA20RIPTA21EIPTA21HIP 66/6766/676566/68 > (also with display)

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The task of transmitters is the transformation of the sensor signal into a stable and standardized signal. In the past, transmitters were built using analog technology. In the meantime digital technology has gained acceptance, however, because it offers better measure-ment accuracy at simultaneously higher flexibility. In addition, digital transmitters allow a greater ambient temperature range typically between -40 C and +85 аC.Transmitters are typically offered in three distinctive types of housing: As DIN rail mounted devices suitable for panel installation. Օ As head transmitters for...

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Simple, fast and economical Cost efficiency and optimal use of space indicate modern process measuring technology. Particularly OEM applications require fast delivery times, reliable operation as well as simple assembly and calibration of the measurement technology used.The compact families completely fulfill these requirements. They are easily commissioned, measure reliably, and when required convert into standard signals and alert at alarm limit violation. Precise primary sensors, long-term stable electronics. Օ Robust construction in stainless steel, compatible connection technology....

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Typical processes in the food & pharmaceutical industry demand special functions such as fast response times and high accuracy of temperature measurement. The process temperatures in food processes are in the range of -40 C and 250 аC and between -50 C and 400 аC in pharmaceutical processes. Process pressures can be anywhere between atmosphere and 100 bar.Furthermore an important prerequisite is a hygienic design capable of cleaning in process (CIP) and sterilization in process (SIP). > Connection head Metric-style: Stainless steel housing, hygienic and easy to clean. US-style: Plastic...

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The Oil & Gas industry is divided into the areas, Up-stream Ӗ exploration and support, ԓMid-stream transportation֔ and Down-stream Ӗ processing. Different, very high requirements are made in these areas on the measurement technology used. > Connection head / communication Field transmitter with display in 316L stainless steel for off-shore application.Connection head with screw cap.PC-programmable, with HART > Ԯ protocol, PROFIBUS > PA or FOUNDATIONΙ Fieldbus. Neck / nipple Coupling piece with integrated flame path barrier, Nipple-Union-Nipple (NUN). Process connection Flange to ASME/ANSI,...

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ModelTR61 / TC61TR62 / TC62TR63 / TC63TR65 / TC65TR66 / TC66TMT142R /TMT142CTMT162R /TMT162CT13 / T53T14 / T54T15 / T55DesignSpecial features Thermo-meter with fabricated thermowellThermo-meter for screwing into an existing thermowellThermo-meter with fabricated thermowellThermo-meter without thermowell with direct medium contactThermo-meter with barstock thermowellThermo-meter with either fabricated or barstock thermo-well, with TMT142 in a single chamber housing Thermo-meter with either fabricated or barstock thermo-well, with TMT162 in a dual chamber housing Thermo-meter with stepped...

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In glass smelters, flue gas applications and in the brick and ceramics industries temperatures up to 1700 C can occur. This requires special thermometers with ceramic thermowells and thermocouples made from special metals, such as platinum and rhodium. The ceramic thermowell external and sandwich coatings act as diffusion barriers. They serve as protection of the measurement point from mechanical and chemical damages in the process, e.g. from abrasive gases. The ceramic thermowell inner sheath is the ceramic capillary. It has the purpose of feeding and insulating the thermo wires. A higher...

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