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Recorder and data acquisition technology - 17 Pages

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Recorder and data acquisition technology

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Data managers, paperless recorders and associated software packages >

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Innovative and fast: Investment in research, development and production guarantees the high product quality expected from a leading manufacturer of recording technology > As one of the worlds largest industrial recorder manufacturer Endress+Hauser has been supplying paper and paperless recorders since 1980 - thats many years of valuable experience of more than 120,000 installations world wide at your service! International and always available: The realization of your tasks With sales offi ces and representatives in almost 100 countries across the globe, we are always at your service....

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For stand-alone applications The Minilog B is used to display and record measured data from analog and digital input signals. It can be applied where a compact datalogger is needed.The most important features of this device are: Minilog B application areas are: Molasses level measurement in customer specific tanks of a supplier. The Minilog B stores the customer usage and informs the supplier of the actual level in the storage tank. The data is collected at a central supply point and are available for the planning of just in time deliv- ery. 4 Minilog B devices record waste wa-ter inflow on...

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The hybrid recorder that fits in everywhere: Advantages of the Chromalog T at a glance The freely configurable, multi functional Alphalog series was developed for both the practical user as well as the analyst. Reliable: Most up-to-date drive technology (stepper motor) for pens and print head. Օ Versatile: All forms of measurement signals can be directly connected (bipolar current/voltage, thermocouples and resistance thermometers) Compact: Front bezel 144x144mm, IP54, installation depth of only 220mm. Օ Low mainentance: Standard paper rolls of up to 58m length, with automatic wind up at...

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Detailed off line data analysis with or without special software Flexible display modes Ethernet communications Embedded Web server allows you to simply browse the real time measurements using any standard web browser such as MS provides networking capabilities. Just as a simple multi channel numeri-cal display, or as a replacement for a strip chart recorder, or a multi channel bar graph display, the Ecograph T offers it all. The Ecograph T can save recorded data in secure ReadWin USB for one to one communication. Compact & Rugged Digital memory, zero running costs Data accessibility RS485...

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Generous basic features, flexibly expandable As the only device on the market in this class Memograph M can internally record up to 20 universal inputs, analyze the raw data and store analog values, counter values or quantities and simultaneously up to 6 different operating times Operation using PC-Software Set-up and operation of the device is also possible via the ReadWin > Advantages of Memograph M Front-end operation of the device Brilliant: 7Ք TFT display as a front end display for optimum readability. Important information at a glance due to the large 7 display Operation of the device...

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By fulfilling the requirements laid down in the 21 CFR Part 11, electronic recording and signatures are given an identical legal status as traditional documentation and hand written signatures. All the old pro- blems with the time consuming traditional recording (paper jam, paper and pen chan- ge) are a thing of the past electronic evidence is the new direction! The following functions guarantee com-pliance with the FDA 21 Part 11 and, therefore, the traceability of all process sequences: For different types of data different graphic displays are often required. Are only the analog values...

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Mathematics and logic With the optional mathematics package eight additional channels are available. Indi- vidual channels can be combined with each other and then calculated using various mathematic functions. The calculated ma- thematics channels are treated like realӔ channels irrespective of whether they are or connected conventionally or via a fieldbus. The formula can be an arbitrary combina- tion of arithmetic calculations and logical operations. Analog, digital or also mathe- matics channels already active can be used. Linearization Up to 32 linearization points for all active...

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The Memograph S was developed for monitoring and recording on multi-product plants and batch applications and fulfi ls the high requirements laid down in the FDA 21 CFR 11 regulations. The unique safety concept makes Memograph S the ideal recording system for quality relevant measurement points. Also suitable for use in critical applications. Food: Monitoring heating processes In the production of foods such as juices or sauces, and especially in the production of milk, certain important measurements must be recorded and documented during their heat treatment. Included in these are, for...

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Information at the push of a button! Complete reports for continuous and batch processes Intermediate, daily, monthly, yearly reports with counter values, operating times and quantities are calculatedMemograph S also analyzes batches and stores minimum, maximum and average values, quantities and running times for each product run. Application areas Examples are: By using the flexible search function, swift and simple access to the required information can be gained.The search criteria can be: Memograph S can be installed wherever a safe and secure data recording comes first. Օ Clean room...

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The Windows-based ReadWin > 2000 PC software (compatible to Windows 2000 SP4/XP/Vista) is the powerful package that can be used for device set-up, visualization and archiving measured values and meas-urement procedures. In addition to display- ing continuous measured value sequences ReadWin Modem use/special solutions PROFIBUS Serial communication Sending emails Ethernet connection All functions that are possible using serial connection can also be used with a modem connected between the units. Customer-specific solutions, such as calling preset telephone numbers in the case of an alarm set...

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