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Process automation - Solutions for measurement and control of

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Solutions for measurement and control of production and logistics in process industry >

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Operational Highlights 2003 USD($) in thousands* Net sales $838,209Income before taxes $63,898Net income $41,270Equity capital in % 47.3%Investments $55,036Cash flow $92,294Number of employees 6,077 > *Endress+Hauser reports all financial information in EURO. The financial highlights shown here have been converted to US dollars for reference purposes only. Complete financial information is available in the annual report published by Endress+Hauser in English and German. Copies of this annual report can be ordered via our website or by e-mailing to

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Your goal: Improved competitiveness Continuously improving the competi-tiveness of your company in order to be successful in the market is one of your most important tasks. Endress+Hauser can support you in mastering your entrepre-neurial challenges in a faster and more cost-effective manner. The challenge of globalization To meet the challenge of globalization many of our customers have subsidiaries all over the world.Therefore, Endress+Hauser provides the largest sales force worldwide in the area of process instrumentation with 37 sales and service companies. Whether you are in Europe,...

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The challenge of innovation The challenge of cost of ownership New products, more efficient business processes and better production methods your company constantly needs innovation in order to remain successful.Endress+Hauser has always been especially devoted to innovation. This results in two benefits for you. First, we work on new trends in the field of process automation at an early stage ֖ mostly in close cooperation with individual key customers in the different industries.Second, innovation is the driving force behind our products. One fact in particular illustrates this: We make...

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The challenge of simplifying business processes The extent to which your production process will contribute to economic success depends on whether: ŕ Your plant runs smoothly The quality is right Օ Safety is ensured for people and the environmentIn recent years, Endress+Hauser has extended its competence and, in addition to instrumentation, offers complete automation solutions including system hardware and software and the respective engineering and product services. When Endress+Hauser is your partner, you can reduce the number of suppliers you work with for your process automation...

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From sensor to integration With the introduction of communication technologies like HART > Ů , PROFIBUS and F > OUNDATION Fieldbus a little more than ten years ago, the barriers between field instrumentation and the system level began to disappear. The instruments became more intelligent and an integral part of the automation architecture. Because we recognized this development at an early stage, Endress+Hauser has been actively involved in different standardizing bodies and user organizations since the beginnings of fieldbus technology.A fieldbus connection offers much more than a data...

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Custody transfer measurement section for level radar instruments in Maulburg, Germany for stilling well and free field measurement. Test section length: 22 m. Accuracy: ֱ 0.1 mm. 1980 First microprocessor-controlled level instrument with automatic monitoring > 1979 ֖ First automatic cleaning system for analytical sensors >

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Our pressure and differential pressure measurement systems in gases, vapors and liquids have been successful in the market for 15 years. A wide variety of products are available; depending on process conditions you can choose ceramic or metal sensors.Endress+Hauser flow measurement systems offer optimum solutions to match your individual requirements for applications in gases, vapors, conductive or non-conductive liquids, for mass or volumetric flow measurement. You have the choice of the following measurement principles: electromagnetic, Coriolis mass measurement, thermal mass measurement,...

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, PROFIBUS and F > OUNDATION Ι Fieldbus technology worldwide. Apart from field instruments, we offer network components, registration technology, automation and visualization platforms in hardware and software as well as systems for asset management of components and plants in known Endress+Hauser quality. Our measuring systems analyze pH, ORP, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved chlorine, turbidity or solids content in chemicals as well as the concentration, e.g. of NO > 3 , NH > 4 , Si, Mn, Fe, PO > 4 , in pharmaceutical products, power plants, in wastewater treatment, in...

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OUNDATION ՙ Fieldbus and HART > . > 1986 Ζ Worldwide, the first mass flowmeter with two straight measuring tubes Endress+Hauser fieldbus laboratory in Reinach, Switzerland: The ideal environment for development, training and customer service in the areas of PROFIBUS, F 1987 Launch of a thermopaper recorder (100 mm) with micro- processor >

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Safe inventory control In addition to process engineering solutions, Endress+Hauser offers concepts for inventory management (Inventory Control). We provide information on current inventories, consumption and new requirements of liquids and bulk solids. Inventory Control of Endress+Hauser is so flexible that you can, on one hand, optimize your own inventories and supply costs, or on the other hand, cooperate with other business partners in a supply chain across company limits. People responsible for materials management and logistics can obtain exact data on available materials...

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To measure and to measure is not the same A level probe measures levels; a flowmeter measures flow; a data recorder records Ԗ this is principally true, of course! The requirements of level measurement in a dairy, however, do considerably differ from those in a petrochemical plant; flow measurement engineering in a purification plant will result in different instrument specifications than those of a metallurgical plant; and an FDA-approved data recorder must not be installed in a power plant without additional certificates. This is why we do not offer our products to you one size fits all;...

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