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Competence in Oil and Gas - 1

Level Pressure Row Temperature Liquid Registration Systems Services Solutions Analysis Components Full range of solutions to increase safety People for Process Automation

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 3

Endress+Hauser Organization The Endress+Hauser Group Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. As a Swiss, family-owned business, Endress+Hauser is dedicated to instrumentation, plowing back all profits into the development of state-of-the-art process automation technologies. Since the beginning in 1953, Endress+Hauser has been a pioneer for cutting edge measurement and automation solutions. The group comprises 71 legally independent companies in 35 countries. Innovative measurement and automation systems are...

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 4

Results of the Endress+Hauser Group The strong profitability of the Group – equity of over 60% - and the continuing commitment of the family ownership are guarantees for best in class instrumentation and solutions. Oil and Gas activities have contributed and continue to contribute to the tremendous growth of Endress+Hauser. Product Center Sicestherm, Italy Special Temperature Sensors R&D, Production and Calibration Product Center Suzhou, China Level, Pressure and Flow Production and Calibration Product Center Cernay, France Flow Production and Calibration Sales Center / Product Center UK...

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 5

Process Automation Since the beginning in 1953, Endress+Hauser has developed into one of the largest instrumentation companies worldwide. In many areas, such as level, flow and pH, we are already the largest in the world, and we are constantly striving to lead in the remaining areas The product range includes: Pressure Flow Tank Inventory Temperature Liquid Systems Services Endress+Hauser's experts for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water and Waste Water, Pulp and Paper, Power and Energy, Mining and Steel, Petro Chemical and Oil and Gas industries provide measurement and automation solutions...

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 7

Exploration – meeting the needs of Oil and Gas Drilling mud Reliable level measurement and control of trip and mud tanks/silos are achieved by using the robust TDR type Levelflex. The guided radar runs an electromagnetic pulse along a cable or rod and is unaffected by build-up, dust or changing dielectric constants. Two Levelflex instruments can be installed close together for redundant measurement. The Promass F mass flow meter is involved in the online mixing and blending of expensive mud (WBM and OBM) as well as in custody transfer measurement at the point of transfer to supply ships and...

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 8

Production - safety and reliability Separator A challenge for separator operation is the interface measurement and control between oil, emulsion and water. Also of great concern is the frequent maintenance work required by mechanical displacer type level devices and switches. The guided radar TDR type Levelflex is the ideal solution to replace such conventional displacers. Intrinsically safe Levelflex is immune to build up and has no blocking distance. The transmitter can be exchanged without shutting down the process and therefore, does not require an insulating valve. The combined use of...

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 9

Products Cerabar S / Deltabar S As the safest pressure transmitters on the market, Cerabar S absolute pressure and Deltabar S differential pressure transmitters offer unique technological innovations for high-end pressure measurement. They offer an intelligent operating and device concept and undergo strict DKD calibration. They also provide PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and HART® communications. Levelflex M Continuous level measurement in liquids. Suitable for hazardous locations including SIL2 for Emergency Shut Down (ESD). With Levelflex, measurement is independent of density, bulk...

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 11

Refining - a complete solution Mass balance and energy control In order to fulfill governmental, environmental and economical requirements, efficiencies and losses of individual refinery units must be recorded. Only Promass Coriolis, available from 1 mm to 250 mm, records mass flow in tons/hr for gas and liquid flow directly and has approval for fiscal metering. Energy Manager calculates the energy consumption for various types of process media. According to international norms and standards, calculations can be simultaneously performed for three different processes. Desalination With over...

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 12

Blending The fast action and response time of less than 50 msec from the Promass Coriolis mass flow meter allow for online blending of lube oil. Combined with a batch controller, the integrated function chip accurately monitors the blending process. The single tube Promass I, in addition to mass flow, density and temperature, measures the dynamic viscosity and provides online quality control output of lube oil viscosity. Desulphurization Endress+Hauser has grown to be one of the world’s leading temperature transmitter suppliers. Proven in use in many applications around the world, the...

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 13

Products Gammapilot Radiometric measurement is used for limit detection, level, interface layer and density measurement. The instrument line comprises the compact transmitter and the syntilation type detector up to 2 m in length in stainless steel. Stackable units of 2 m each allow for the monitoring of even high vessels. Due to the external mounting of this device, it is unaffected by temperature, pressure and aggressive fluid inside the vessel. Gammapilot can basically see through the vessel. In addition, installation does not necessarily require a shutdown, resulting in time and cost...

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Competence in Oil and Gas - 16

Metering - delivering the know how Crude oil loading station Loading a crude oil tanker easily amounts to a transfer value of over $1,000,000 US/hr. Consequently, an uncertainty of only ±0.1% reaches a value of up to $1,000 US for every hour pumped. The new generation Promass Coriolis mass flow meter, proved on the SPSE (Société du Pipeline Sud Européen) calibration rig, has an uncertainty of better than ±0.1%. As you can see, there is huge potential for your company to increase revenue for the same amount of crude sold, by reducing the uncertainty by only 0.1%. Gross volume, standard...

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