Utilizing potentials for energy saving - 4 Pages

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Utilizing potentials for energy saving

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Wasser, Luft und Boden • Zeitschrift fur Umwelttechnik Umwelttechnik made in Israel Industrie park Hochst Luftiei nhaltung / Klimaschutz: Experte fiir J?eine Luft am Abfa lltechn ik/ Recyd i ng: Laserspektroskopie ermbglicht Materia I erkennung in Echtzeit Energie einsparen Lufteintrag in Belebungsbecken prozess- stabil und energetisch optimiert regetn

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Utilizing potentials for energy saving Controlling the air feed to aeration basins Uwe Pohl, Remo Biegert Authors: Uwe Pohl Industry Specialist Water/ Sewage, ABB Automation Products GmbH, Göttingen (Germany); Remo Biegert, Application Technology, Emile Egger & Co. GmbH, Mannheim A combination of thermal mass flowmeters and Iris diaphragm control valves provides the possibility to control the air feed to the aeration in a process-stable and energetically optimized way. Considering the power consumption of a sewage plant it is obvious that the water treatment definitely is a process with a...

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The Iris diaphragm control valve manufactured by Emile Egger & Co. GmbH has a structure similar to that of previously used diaphragms. Six segments are arranged so that they form a circular opening that can be steplessly adjusted via convex/concave shaped edges sliding on each other. The segments can be pushed out of the housing completely so that there are no narrowing components in the cross section once the armature is opened. This design has the following benefits: Diaphragm control valve complements sensor The Sensyflow FMT500-IG product family for thermal mass flow measurement...

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pressure system/pipeline system with installed control armature. The difference to a theoretical, ideal, linear operating curve (linear ratio flow change to change of opening angle) is called gain. A system control characteristic is considered stable at gain factors between 0.5 and 2.0. The range within these limits is called a stable control area. A steadily rising armature curve is required for an uninterrupted, large (almost over the entire opening range of the control armature) and stable control area. Stable and efficient control cycles can be implemented using control armatures such...

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