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Process Pumps EO | EOS

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Process Pumps EO / EOS The high-performance pump for homogeneous liquids containing high concentrations of solids and high gas content. Different numbers of impeller blades for large and small particle sizes. Advantages High suction capability The process pump series features, due its special impeller blade geometry, low NPSHR values and thus has a high suction capacity. Low energy costs By the systematic development and flow optimization a global efficiency up to 89  can be achieved. % Applications ·· Demanding fluids in the chemical and petrochemical industries ·· Multiphase mixtures for reactor loops ·· Aerated fibre suspensions in the pulp and paper industry ·· Wastewater and viscous materials in wastewater technology ·· Sludges ·· Numerous abrasive and corrosive fluids Features ·· Pumping of fluids with gas contents up to 25  % ·· Semi-open impeller ·· Different numbers of blades Facts & Figures Nominal dimensions: DN 50– 500  mm  2 –20" Flow rate: up to 1500 l / s 23800 US gpm Differential head: up to 150 m 492 ft  Pressure: up to 30 bar 440 psi Temperature: up to 180°C 365°F Gas contents up to 25  vol % The transport of fluids with a gas content of up to 25  is possible % without stalling. Even to 10  with% out significant drop of delivery head. Reference industries and fluids The Egger Process Pumps EO / EOS have the capability to handle challenging liquids containing gas and solids. Below is a selection of industry sectors in which Egger pumps have proven themselves over a long time: ·· Chemical industry ·· Petrochemical industry ·· Waste water treatment ·· Steel industry ·· Power industry ·· Sugar industry ·· Automotive industry ·· Paint and varnish industry ·· Rubber industry ·· Solar industry ·· Textile and fiber industry ·· Paper and cellulose industry ·· Food industry ·· Building industry ·· Shipbuilding High solids concentrations As solids handling pumps, process pumps EO / EOS are suitable for homogeneous fluids with high solids content, fibers and high viscosities. Constant delivery rate The wear plate that can be adjusted from the outside on the suction side, guarantees a constant delivery rate, especially for highly abrasive products. Impeller models For larger solids, the triple-bladed EOS impeller geometry with a larger open channel is available. This hydraulic series is complemented by the self-cleaning profile for transportation of fiber-containing fluids. Modular system The Egger-modular syste

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Hydraulics for process pumps EO / EOS The semi-open radial impeller with special profile is a logical development of the original Egger impeller, which brought about the founding of the firm in 1947. The EO and EOS impeller family is distinguished most significantly by their number of blades; their hydraulic properties are virtually identical. Transport of fluids with high gas content - high suction capability Ordinary radial impellers are known for their limited transport of gas content which results in a drastic reduction of output to the point where delivery stops altogether. Since its...

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