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Mountings / Designs from Egger Pumps

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Type H Horizontal design with bearing housing. Roller bearings with oil-bath lubrication. Drive by means of elastic coupling or V-belt. Type VK Vertical design with bearing housing. Grease lubricated roller bearings with re-greasing device. Drive by means of cardan shaft; motor on a higher level. Type V Vertical pump with bearing housing. Grease lubricated roller bearings with re-greasing device. Drive by means of elastic coupling. Type HF / VF Close-coupled pump in horizontal or vertical design. Impeller fitted directly to motor stub shaft. Type SO / SOF Vertical cantilever pump design, without shaft seal and without bearing in the pumped liquid. Absolutely safe to run-dry. For example, side mounted onto a container. Economical storage As there are only five standardized bearing housing sizes, spare parts can be easily interchanged between many pump types and hydraulic systems. The storage of spare parts is thus optimized. Flexibility in the choice of seal due to Varioseal® Egger pumps have a standardized sealing space for mechanical seals and gland packing rings. This allows for a great flexibility in the choice of seal. One pump shaft for all pumped media The pump shaft is not in contact with the pumped media and is sealed by a standardized shaft sleeve. Thus, no special material is required for the shaft. Fast delivery Thanks to the Egger modular system and our systematic storage of assemblies, a quick delivery of spare parts can be guaranteed.

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Wet mounted designs Submerged Sump Pumps Cantilever Pumps Submersible Pumps (with bearings in between, motor dry mounted) (free floating shaft, motor dry mounted) Vertical design. No bearings, bushes or shaft seal in pumped liquid. Continuous dry run possible. Type U Stationary, submersible pump with electric motor. Design with quick-connect duck-foot bend and guide-rails. Vertical wet-pit design with pit cover. Pump wet mounted and motor dry mounted. Shafts, bearing and connecting coupling in sealed intermediate pipe. Upper roller bearing greased. Type SG / FG Single mechanical seal....

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