Iris Control Valve, the energy saving valve from Egger - 2 Pages

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Iris Control Valve, the energy saving valve from Egger

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IRIS - DIAPHRAGM CONTROL VALVE INFORMATION FOR CUSTOMERS The EGGER IRIS diaphragm control valve decreases the power consumption and energy costs of regulation in aeration tanks in sewage treatment plants with efficient control valve technology. The possibilities of energy costs saving by using control valves are composed of 2 actions: 1)Energy costs saving by optimised flow construction Mounting parts which are fixed and reduce cross section area as well as inaccurate regulation behaviour causes unnecessary pressure losses and energy costs. Our IRIS control valve reduces these to a minimum by a full free passage and low turbulences. Due to the optimal form of the characteristic curve, power saving and precise regulation (even with large openings) is possible. Energy costs caused by reduction of the cross section from nominal diameter, at 100% opening and identical flow rate Flow capacity kvs and flow at identical pressure decrease caused by the valve, same nominal diameter and 100% opening. EGGER IRIS diaphragm control valve Butterfly valve Piston-type axial flow control valve, two-piece Ball valve Square orifice Triangular orifice Piston-type axial flow control valve, one-piece Piston valve 50:1, equal percentage

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2)Energy costs saving by improvement of the plant characteristics Application report about EGGER IRIS diaphragm control valve: Optimization of the air supply control for an aeration tank in a German sewage treatment plant. The unsatisfactory regulation behaviour of the plant could not be adequately improved in spite of exact analyses of the value characteristics of the control engineering and precise adjustment of the measuring and regulation devices. Butterfly valve actuators were operated frequently (open/close) which lead to frequent valve failure. The regulation of the plant was...

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