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Egger Turo® Vortex Pumps

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The non-clogging TURO pumps is the wordwide protected trade name for the EGGER vortex pumps. TURO advantages The latest TURO design enhances the principle of a hydro-dynamic liquid coupling to transport the pumped medium. The recessed TURO impeller permits an unobstructed passage through the pump casing, and this allows solids up to virtually the full diameter of the discharge port size to pass through without the danger of clogging. Improved hydraulic efficiencies The TURO pump design incorporates an axial spiral in a concentric casing, this ensures that solids entrained in the flow are...

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TURO Pump applications Automobile industry Dredging industry Dye liquor, bonder-emulsion, grinding dust and corundum slurries, soluble oil and swarf, paint sludge, solvent/water based primers, coagulation sludge transfer, phosphate sludge. Sand, gravel, mountain slip, lake and harbour cleaning. Sewage, bilgewater, fish-offal. Fibre industry Petrochemical industry Fibre-cement slurry, rockwool, leatherfibres, glasfibres, textilefibres, nitro-cellulose. Slops, catalytic sludge, carbolated oil, drilling sludge, raw tar with coke. Sugar industry Beet and beet chip-mixtures, beet tails, leaves...

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The TURO Vortex modula pump programme consists of: 23 pumps of 8 different sizes DN 32 to DN 200. For each bearing housing size there is only one impeller per pump size. Shaft seal arrangement Impeller Casing cover Programme Lay-out TV = Pump sizes which can be delivered in wear resistant material. Casing, casing cover and impeller in HG 15-3. Pump designation (example) Series Size Dia. discharge flange 4 Number of poles of electric motor Design

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Dry-pit design Dry-pit design H = horizontal pump with bearing housing. Pump either with standard packing or mechanical seals (acc. DIN 24960). Vertical HF = horizontal close-coupled pump, impeller directly fitted to motor stubshaft. IEC standard flange-/foot motor. Can only be fitted with mechanical seals (acc. DIN 24960). VF = vertical arrangement, pump details identical HF. V = vertical dry-pit pump with bearing housing. Flange motor fitted on motor support with flexible coupling. Pump either with standard packing or mechanical seals (acc. DIN 24960). VK = pump details identical H,...

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H-Series bearing housings Bearing housing design Bearing assemblies Standard design A The horizontal TURO pump programme comprises of four different bearing housing sizes. Depending on the bearing load, the motor-side bearings can be supplied in the following assemblies A, B or C. On either side a single deep groove ball bearing. Heavy duty design B Motor-side two angular contact ball bearings. Extra heavy duty design C Motor-side three angular contact ball bearings. All horizontal bearing housings hava as standard, oil lubrication for the ball bearings. Greased bearings can be supplied on...

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Shaft sealing system EGGER-VARIOSEAL The shaft seal is designed in such a way that different seal arrangements can be fitted without modification to the pump casing cover. All standard elements to DIN - dimensions: - Stuffing boxes DIN 3780 - Mechanical seals DIN 24960 Advantages Wide choice of shaft sealing arrangements the same shaft sleeve is used for all shaft seal arrangements minimum number of spare elements easy maintenance the shaft is always sealed from the pumping liquid. Therefore the shaft is always in standard high tensile steel independent of the pump construction materials...

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Material - Standard Assembly Item Casing Impeller Casing cover Stuffing box insert Shaft sleeve Material Qualities Used: GG Cast-iron according to DIN 1691 (BS 1452: 1961/ASTMA 48-74) hardness GG25 = 180 - 240 HB hardness GG20 = 170-210 HB stainless steel according to DIN mat. No. 1.4408 BS 3100: 1976 316 C / Aisi 316 composition: 18-20 % Cr; 10-12 % Ni; 2,0-3,0 % Mo; max. 0.07 % C; 1.5 % Mn; 1.5 % Si; 0.03 % S; 0.45 % P. hardness 130-200 HB Special fine grain chilled iron mat. structure ferritic - pearlitic hardness 160-220 HB hard coating with Eut. 12496, hardness 55 -62 HRC. TURO-Pump...

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Series T Performance Curves

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TUROPUMPS make it possible! Emile Egger & Co. AG Route de Neuchâtel 36 CH-2088 Cressier/NE (Switzerland) Tel.: +41 (0)32 758 71 11 Fax: +41 (0)32 757 22 90 E-mail: Internet: EGGER TURO PUMPS (U.K.) Ltd., Unit 10 Zenith Networkcentre, Whaley Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S75 1HT Phone: 01226 779903 Fax: 01226 243804 E-mail: Our offices: Coimbatore (IN) Dilbeek (BE) Graz (AT) Hilversum (NL) Lyon (FR) Mannheim (DE) Marano (IT) Salt Lake City (US) San Sebastian (ES) Stenungsund (SE) Warszawa (PL)

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