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Egger Process Pumps EO/EOS

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Solids Handling Pumps Series E / EO / EOS y: dustr s In roces eP try for th indus s ose Pump cellul nd stry aper a ssing indu P oce bre pr Fi stry l indu ica stry Chem l indu ica y ochem ing industr tr Pe ss proce nty Sugar efflue rial cts ndust I l proje enta ronm Envi

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EGGER Solids handling pumps - Series E/EO/EOS Operating parameters Spiral pump casing Flange sizes: DN 50-500 mm Capacity: up to 1300 l/sec T.D. Heads: up to 85 m Temperature: up to 130°C Max. operating pressure: cast iron up to 10 bar cast steel up to 16 bar The detachable pump feet allow different positions for the pump’s discharge connection. Furthermore it permits the use of one standard pump casing for all the different pump designs shown on page 5. Shaft sealing: According to Varioseal system (Page 7) Because of the centerline discharge connection, all forces acting on the pipe system...

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Impeller designs E / EO / EOS The special EGGER impellers which we use today are a logical development of the original Egger impeller, Patent No. 269595, patented in 24 countries, and which was the basis on which the firm was founded. During tha past 50 years, EGGER has developed into an internationally known manufacturer of special pumps for handling charged liquids and slurries. The EGGER centrifugal pump designs E/EO/EOS with shrouded and semi-open impellers represent the latest stage of the development of impellers for homogenious slurries. The special features of these pumps are their...

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Shaft seal arrangement Casing cover EOSV = sizes in wear resistant materials: casing, wear plate, casing cover and impeller in chrome iron HG 15-3. EGGER centrifugal pump programme series E/EO/EOS consists of 34 pump types and 5 bearing housing sizes DN 50 to DN 500. Programme Lay-out Pump designation (example) Series Size Dia. discharge flange 4 Number of poles of electric motor Design

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Dry-pit design horizontal H = horizontal pump with bearing housing. Pump either with standard packing, mechanical seal (acc. DIN 24960), or hydrodynamic seal. Dry-pit design Vertical HF = horizontal close-coupled pump, impeller directly fitted to motor stubshaft. IEC standard flange-/foot motor. Can only be fitted with mechanical seals (acc. DIN 24960). VF = vertical arrangement, pump details identical HF. V = vertical dry-pit pump with bearing housing. Flange motor fitted on motor support with flexible coupling. Pump either with standard packing, mechanical seal (DIN 24960) or hydrodynamic...

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H-Series bearing housings The horizontal E/EO/EOS pump programme uses 5 bearing housing sizes. Depending on the axial and radial loads, the bearing housings can be fitted with standard or with heavy duty bearings. Bearing lubrication All horizontal bearing housings have, as standard, oil lubrication for the bearings. Greased bearings can be supplied on request. Vertical dry mounted bearing housings for design V / VK are grease lubricated. Arrangement B Standard arrangements with roller bearing on pump side and two angular contact ball bearings on the motor side. Arrangement C Heavy duty...

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Shaft sealing system EGGER-VARIOSEAL The shaft seal is designed in such a way that different seal arrangements can be fitted without modification to the pump casing cover. All standard elements to DIN - dimensions: - Stuffing boxes DIN 3780 - Mechanical seals DIN 24960 Advantages Wide choice of shaft sealing arrangements the same shaft sleeve is used for all shaft seal arrangements minimum number of spare elements easy maintenance the shaft is always sealed from the pumping liquid. Therefore the shaft is always in standard high tensile steel independent of the pump construction materials...

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Material - Standard Assembly GG -1.4408 1.4408 HG 15-3 GGG Casing cover Wear disc Shaft sleeve GGK-FP GGK-FP Material qualities used Cast iron according to DIN 1691 Tensile strength: GG25 = 250 N/mm2 GG20 = 200 N/mm2 Brinell hardness: GG25 = 180 - 240 GG20 = 170 - 210 GGG 40/50 Nodular cast iron acc. DIN 1693 BS 2789: Tensile strength: Brinell hardness: Stainless steel acc. to DIN mat. No. 1.4408 BS 3100: 1976 316 C 16 / AISI 316 Analysis: 18-20 % Cr; 10-12 % Ni; 2,0-3,0 % Mo; max. 0.07 % C; 1.5 % Mn; 1.5 % Si; 0.03 % S; 0.45 % P. Tensile strength: 440 - 640 N/mm2 Brinell hardness: 130-200...

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Pump applications Due to optimum impeller design, difficult media can be handled without problems. Paper industry Environmental engineering Application in all sections of the pulp preparation plant and at the paper machine for handling: waste paper and wood pulp, cellulose, rag pulp, bagasse, kaolin, etc., as well as abrasive and corrosive waste waters. Corrosive, abrasive, charged as well as clean liquids. Municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants Pre-screened waste waters and sludges. Automobile industry Phosphate sludges, passivating liquids, degreasing solutions,...

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Series E / EO / EOS Performance Curves 5

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Series E / EO / EOS Performance Curves 5

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EGGER centrifugal pumps type EOS in a sewage treatment station EGGER TURO PUMPS (U.K.) Ltd., Fountain House, Cleeve Road, Leatherhead KT22 7NH Phone: 01372 377 688 01372 373 587 Fax: E-mail: Our offices: Coimbatore (IN) Dilbeek (BE) Graz (AT) Hilversum (NL) Lyon (FR) Mannheim (DE) Marano (IT) San Sebastian (ES) Stenungsund (SE) In Great Britain: Emile Egger & Co. AG Route de Neuchâtel 36 CH-2088 Cressier/NE (Switzerland) Tel.: +41 (0)32 / 758 71 11 Fax: +41 (0)32 / 757 22 90 E-mail: Internet:

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