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Egger Hybrid Pumps TEO

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Hybrid Pumps TEO Patented Vortex Pump with a hybrid impeller. Combines the advantages of our semi-open impeller with those of a Turo® Vortex impeller. Applications ■ Grinding oil emulsions with a high content of air ■ Emulsions with chips ■ Coolants ■ SiC slurries in the solar industry ■ Sewage sludge in the wastewater technology Features ■ Stable suction characteristics during the transport of fluids with up to 10 % gas content ■ Interchangeability with a Turo® Vortex impeller Facts & Figures Nominal dimensions: DN 32-80 mm 1/4-3“ Flow rate:    up to 35 l/s 550 USgpm Differential head:    up to 30 m, 100 ft Typical mounting of hybrid seal-less pumps in cantilever design. Especially suitable for slurping mode in pits and tanks and suitable for unlimited dry running. Advantages Transport of fluids with high gas content and large diameter solids The patented hybrid impeller is a mix between the proven Turo® Vortex impeller and the semi-open EO impeller and combines the advantages of both hydraulics. Hybrid pumps transport fluids with up to 10 % gas content unaffected by process conditions, without stalling and have at the same time a large open spherical channel. Egger modular system TEO Hybrid impellers are fully integrated into the proven Egger modular system and can be replaced without any modifications by a Turo® Vortex impeller. High efficiency with viscous fluids With increasing viscosity, the pressure and flow rate drop are significantly lower with hybrid pumps than with Vortex pumps. Safe operating performance The excellent suction and stable pumping characteristics of the hybrid pumps provide a very safe operating performance when installed on pits and tanks. Slurping mode The TEO-hydraulic is particularly suitable for pumping air-containing emulsions in tanks. Its slurping mode and its dry running capability make it the ideal choice for pump back systems. Lower startup level Due to the lower startup level, hybrid pumps can react quickly and steadily to fluids and level changes. TEO pumps in cantilever design can also be operated safely with smaller pit and tank volumes.

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Alternative chip handling In metal machining, coolant, filtration and chip handling play an important role. As quickly as possible, chips and coolants must be kept away from the machine. A particular challenge is the difficulty of pumping materials that tend to cause bundles of chips. As an alternative to the traditional chip handling methods, the hybrid pumps are the ideal solution for pumping mixtures of chips, coolants and cutting oils through a closed central filtration loop system. Especially in the automotive industry, TEO pumps have been proven for many years. Due to their special...

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