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Egger Chemical Industry

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Challenges in chemical systems In the chemical industry, pumping of media is particularly challenging. Temperatures and pressures, abrasion and corrosive media, as well as safety aspects all define the specifications for the pumps used. Egger has been working in this industrial environment since 1947 and its engineers have a great deal of practical technical experience - particularly in the chemical industry. Gentle handling of media Gentle pumping of challenging media When pumping salt crystals, plastic granules, bacteria, metal catalysts and nitrocellulose, pumps require...

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Sophisticated filter feeding Specific requirements for feeding pumps To achieve optimal filter results, pumps must be used that do not shear or grind the filter material. In particular the feeding of the chamber filter presses is very demanding. Good results thanks to our pumps At the beginning of the filtration process, the filter cloth must be supplied with a large amount of transfer medium at a low pressure so as to create as homogeneous a filter cake as possible. At the same time, the pump must generate high pressures at low delivery rates at the end of the filtration cycle. Due to...

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Sealing tasks in chemical pumps Where traditional seals are stretched to their limits Latex, crumb rubber, paints, saline suspensions, SiC slurry, tar oils, etc. are only a few examples of demanding sealing tasks. Here traditional shaft seals are stretched to their limits such as stuffing box packing or mechanical seals. Even hermetically sealed pumps with magnetic coupling or canned motors are only partly suitable for this. Varioseal® - an Egger patent guarantees tightness For these kind of challengers, Egger has developed the flexible shaft sealing system Varioseal® that enables different...

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Pit drainage, slop pumps The challenge for increased solid content and high temperatures Submerged sump pumps used in tank pits, waste-water pits or slop tanks, must meet special requirements due to the high proportion of solids and high temperatures. Optimal applications for Egger submerged sump pumps Since the shaft seal is located directly behind the impeller, the radial bearings do not come in contact with the medium to be conveyed. Different shaft seals allow a wide range of applications from dry-run safe versions to gas-tight-applications compliant with the German Clean Air Act....

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Large flow capacities Elbow pumps RPP / RPG For large flow capacities and low pressure heads, axial-flow impellers are used. Egger elbow pumps have been used with great success in crystallisation systems for more than 60 years. This pump has long overlapping vanes that allow very gentle pumping at minimum recirculation. The almost gap-free design with no bearings in the area of the liquid being conveyed, offers only minimal opportunity for corrosion. Depending on the requirement, these pumps can be manufactured in all available metal materials. A suspended version without mounting to a...

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Emile Egger & Cie SA Egger is a medium-sized independent Swiss company with offices in many countries. A key quality feature is that the whole production process – from development through to functional testing – is carried out in-house under controlled conditions. 350 skilled employees represent the professional expertise of Emile Egger & Cie SA. Gradual development and internationalisation Over the past 65 years, the company has developed from small beginnings to become a major manufacturer in the Swiss machine industry. As a result of careful expansion, the company has been able to...

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From design to commissioning Emile Egger & Cie SA was established in 1947 and, to date, it has remained a privately owned and independent company. Swiss quality thinking shapes our work. Engineering and design Each pump is unique and is manufactured to customer specifications. We use computational tools and validated flow simulation programmes for the design of your pump. What is more, the casting mould is manufactured in our workshops by our own highly specialised professionals! One-stop shop The whole chain of production is handled by some 220 specialists in our own planning and...

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