Aeration air flow control with Egger Iris diaphragm control valves - 4 Pages

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Aeration air flow control with Egger Iris diaphragm control valves

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EVERYTHING BEYOND STANDARD Innovative ­Valve Technology Stable, ­linear, ­repeatable, and ­ reliable flow ­ ontrol

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Improved process control with a potential 20 % blower energy reduction Creation & delivery of dissolved oxygen used in the activated sludge process consumes nearly 60% of the energy in the wastewater treatment plant. Finally, Biological processes can be optimized, Blower discharge pressures reduced, DO set-points lowered, and energy saved as a result of the Iris valve’s superior «linear» flow c ­ haracteristics providing stable, accurate, repeatable, and reliable air flow regulation. Over the past 40 years, the Egger Iris® flow control valve has been success­ fully used in hundreds of...

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Dimensioning of an Iris® diaphragm control valve according to DIN EN 60534 Stable control range Stroke Valve [%] Calculation of the throughput for gases with temperature correction Metric (K V ) QN Volume throughput of gases in a normal state (0°C, 1013 mbar) Nm3 / h qN Volumetric flow rate (20°C, 14.69 pisa) ρ N Density of gases in a normal state p2 Absolute pressure downstream of the valve p1 Upstream absolute static pressure T1 Absolute temperature upstream of the valve T1 Upstream absolute temperature conditions. This variable differential pressure at the control valve and the dynamic...

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Compact The Iris® flow control valve’s compact design offers proven accurate, stable, and repeatable flow control in a compact, spacesaving installation. Maintenance free A re-designed spindle nut assembly is manufactured using a self-lubricating thermoplastic material which permits maintenance free operation. No longer is regular lubrication of the threaded spindles required. Circular opening and closing The six segments of the Iris® flow control valve are arranged to form a circular opening similar to a camera aperture. The segments can be infinitely adjusted. Free flow cross-section At...

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