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Mechanical presses The range of EMG mechanical presses consist of 5 Being performance-oriented, these execute the most demanding applications with precision and reliability: watchmaking, jewellery, mechanical optics, electrical and electronic machines, automotive industry, electrical goods, toys, Being durable, these guarantee you optimum quality and unparalleled productivity for a very long time! The various operations are executed carefully thanks to the power reserve of each model and a very rigorous precision. Swan- neck depth (mm) 120 180 210 Adjustment of the swivel screw 0 a 30 0 a 50 0 a 60

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> Characteristics of the range •Frame The frame is made of high quality mechanizedwelded steel with swan-neck structure. Regular weld seams and proper welding supports ensure an exceptional rigidity and a resistance against cutting impacts even during an intensive use. The very thick sides of the frame reduce the swanneck opening. • Slider The slider is made of cast iron FGS 300 mounted on steel or bronze sliding rails, adjustable by screws. The assembly is completely adjusted and scraped manually. The adjustment is carried out by stops mounted on the press frame. The bedplate of the slider...

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Mechanical presses from 6 to 80 tonnes > Work cycles Standard presses Cycle 1: Manual setting without motor Cycle 2: Pulse control with motor Cycle 3: Single stroke working, synchronous working on the two hand control Cycle 4: Continuous working. Start of cycle synchronously on the two hand control and stop by push button. Cycle 5: Single stroke pedal working for embedded tool (pedal option) Cycle 6: Continuous pedal working retained for embedded tool (pedal option) Cycle 7: Single stroke pedal working with closed grids (pedal option) Cycle 8: Automatic working. Start of cycle by an...

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• Vertical screen The automatic vertical screen ensures front and side protection of the operator and third party. A support on the pedal ensures the descent of the screen to its bottom dead center, the start of the cycle authorized only if the proximity edge does not encounter any obstacle. The operator can work with both hands free for loading or unloading parts even if the tool is not secured. This machine gives you about 20% increased productivity with less fatigue and muscle strain. • Electronic guards Electronic guards allow front protection of the dangerous zone and control the start...

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• Automatic greasing with level monitoring (standard on 45T and 80T) Automatic lubrication is done in place of manual centralized greasing. It ensures better lubrication of the machine without any risk of omission of the operator. This option is strongly recommended in case of automatic working. • Rubber stripper (6T, 15T, 25T) SUPPORT PLATE Rubber stripper, mounted on table bore, allows ensuring the ejection of tooling parts. Its power is adjustable by adjusting the tension of the rubber contacts. STRIPPING FORCE ADJUSTING NUT • Pneumatic stripper (25T, 45T, 80T) Ensuring the same function...

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> Special equipments/services for mechanical presses Press version for watchmaking Press with electronic guards and special grids Trimming line with unwinder, 45T press and feeding device Press with soundproofing box General Catalog - Presses EMG

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General view of a press Bottom dead center regulation without motor Quick stroke adjustment View of the 80T sprocket pinion assembly Quick adjustment of the clear height Inclination adjustment (hydraulic on 45 and 80T) General Catalog - Presses EMG

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> Safety: a priority at EMG EMG does not compromise with safety: its mechanical presses are in compliance with the requirements of "machine" directives and European standards and have received an EC type exam certificate attestation. From the start of production, EMG integrates, in its specifications, compliance with the standards in force as well as a study of ergonomy of the machine. The safety systems on presses shall ensure their first function, protection of the operator, but also offering an ergonomy optimizing the productivity. 3 types of protection = 3 EC type exam certificate...

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A mark of excellence in productivity EMG has earned its reputation of excellence thanks to its integrated design and production methods and a solid technological prowess. This is backed up by an efficient distribution network, in compliance with the expectations of manufacturers. Benefitting from a strategy dedicated to quality and active search of performances, EMG equipments ensure competitivity, reliability and durability which are the core values for productivity of companies in numerous domains: • Watchmaking, jewellery, • Mechanical optics, • Electrical equipments, • Automotive...

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Developing breakthrough technology for the last 50 years Integrated production and skills Manufacturer with a well-recognized expertise, EMG has developed, for the last 3 generations, a wide range of products and services appreciated by the manufacturers all around the world. The production workshops facilitate integrated production from A to Z ensured by a multidisciplinary team proficient in all the production steps, from designing to complex mechanical operations and assembly with precision, going through various machining operations: milling, turning, surface or cylindrical grinding....

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> EMG presence in France and around the world Presence across 5 continents with a strong and reliable chain of distributors, manufacturers or retailers selected by EMG which are locally recognized for their experience and quality-oriented service. In France, our techno-commercials are also machine-tool experts, regularly trained on newer versions of the equipments and accessories. Within its distribution and sales network, all our representatives are specialists, thus ensuring the best possible suggestions and the quality offered by EMG manufacturer General Catalog - Presses EMG

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