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Manual toggle presses


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Manual toggle presses - 1

Toggle presses 5HR - 7HR - 15HR - 20HR 15HR LP - 20HR LP The maximum power is obtained at the end of travel according to the applied load on the lever. These presses are robust, accurate, flexible and ergonomic. These are frequently used for assembly, connection of rings or bearings, small forms, various crimping operations, etc... •Slider adjusted and locked for rotation, ensuring longevity and precision. •Automatic raising of slider by spring •Quick and reliable adjustment of the clear height. •Accurate adjustment of bottom dead center by a mechanical stop ensuring the repetitiveness of the cycle. •Base support and press head made of FGL 250 cast iron, thus ensuring robustness and rigidity. •No maintenance, no greasing. •Option for fixation on a bench. •Paint: Light blue RAL 5015 frame - Platinum grey RAL 7036 press head 10 General Catalog

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Manual toggle presses - 2

1 - Manual toggle presses from 500 to 2,000 kg Technical characteristics: Adjustable clear height (mm) Table bore Max. angle of rotation of the lever 2 - High force capacity manual toggle presses Technical characteristics: Adjustable clear height (mm) Table bore Max. angle of rotation of the lever General Catalog - Presses EMG

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Manual toggle presses - 3


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Manual toggle presses - 4

2 - High force capacity manual toggle presses GROOVE FOR ANVIL STAKES Ø M 10 DIN 508 STANDARD GROOVE FOR ANVIL STAKES Ø M 10 DIN 508 STANDARD General Catalog - Presses EMG

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Manual toggle presses - 5

The 3D files of our manual presses are available on a simple request and will allow you to easily integrate our machines in your tooling, fitting and ergonomy studies from the workstation. General Catalog - Presses E

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Manual toggle presses - 6

5 digit counter with reset. Collet chuck with ER25 collet for Ø1.5 to Ø16 mm shank (Ø to be selected). • BDC micrometric adjustment • Non return system Bottom dead center adjustment system, graduated after every 0.02mm. Non return system : does not release the lever until the end of travel (ensures complete and repeatable execution of the operation). •Quality control by force and/or displacement sensors CE EMG proposes management solutions regarding force and/or displacement thanks to its force and displacement sensor solutions which can be adapted as per the requirement, for a 100%...

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Manual toggle presses - 7

> Special services In order to comply with the requirements of specific applications required by some professions, EMG proposes special tailor-made equipments, perfectly adapted to specifications and production constraints. Offset 7HR press Offset 7HR toggle press allowing increasing the swan-neck depth and work table. Thanks to its design department and a pool of more than 40 machines, EMG studies and carries out, on request, modifications or production of special presses as well as small fittings and press tooling. Cutting tooling on 3T press 3T pneumatic press with a cutting tooling at 2...

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Manual toggle presses - 8

Tooling of assembly of ring on 3HR 3HR rack presses with a tooling intended for assembly of plastic rings on an aluminium part, with a ring system on the tool before attachment. 3 point crimping tool 6PHR pneumatic press with a crimping tooling of 3 rivets for retaining a steel part in a stainless steel support. Tooling for fitting shaft in an aluminium profile on press 3t LP • Modification of the frame for the passage of profile • Study and realization of tooling General Catalog - Presses EMG

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Manual toggle presses - 9

> Force management The quality guaranteed by monitoring the industrial processes > Permanent quality control > Product process control > Total traceability > Monitoring the production The quality assurance goes through a permanent process check. The EMG presses, equipped with the force and / or displacement sensor allowing production of compliant parts from the start of the production process. The detection of anomalies is immediate if the requested parameters are not met, the monitoring unit delivers an "OK" or "NOK" message by means of an optical display, a sound signal, or by locking the...

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Manual toggle presses - 10

Pneumatic press equipped with a COMPLETE control system of measuring force and displacement, analysis of curves by passage windows or margin of tolerance. • Ideal for riveting, crimping and attaching small and medium series • 100% control • Immediately operational system (except tooling) • Facilitated implementation • Training of users Electric press equipped with a force and a displacement sensor, associated with the process controller and an 8'' display terminal. •4 - System for measuring force and displacement with analysis by envelope curve. The programming is carried out by a PC panel...

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Manual toggle presses - 11

A mark of excellence in productivity EMG has earned its reputation of excellence thanks to its integrated design and production methods and a solid technological prowess. This is backed up by an efficient distribution network, in compliance with the expectations of manufacturers. Benefitting from a strategy dedicated to quality and active search of performances, EMG equipments ensure competitivity, reliability and durability which are the core values for productivity of companies in numerous domains: • Watchmaking, jewellery, • Mechanical optics, • Electrical equipments, • Automotive...

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Manual toggle presses - 12

Developing breakthrough technology for the last 50 years Integrated production and skills Manufacturer with a well-recognized expertise, EMG has developed, for the last 3 generations, a wide range of products and services appreciated by the manufacturers all around the world. The production workshops facilitate integrated production from A to Z ensured by a multidisciplinary team proficient in all the production steps, from designing to complex mechanical operations and assembly with precision, going through various machining operations: milling, turning, surface or cylindrical grinding....

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Manual toggle presses - 13

> EMG presence in France and around the world Presence across 5 continents with a strong and reliable chain of distributors, manufacturers or retailers selected by EMG which are locally recognized for their experience and quality-oriented service. In France, our techno-commercials are also machine-tool experts, regularly trained on newer versions of the equipments and accessories. Within its distribution and sales network, all our representatives are specialists, thus ensuring the best possible suggestions and the quality offered by EMG manufacturer General Catalog - Presses EMG

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