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Hydropneumatic presses - 1

Hydropneumatic presses 7 T, 13 T ET 30 T FRAME RANGE We are proceeding with compressed air type… Only! Our cylinder is a compressed air cylinder with closed hydraulic circuits, which allows attaining the requested loads with a stroke which is triggered when the piston gets a resistance. The action is very simple and similar to pneumatic double effect cylinders. This technology thus combines the advantages of both pneumatic and hydraulic systems, without any adverse effects (no noisy and dirty hydraulic motors, low air consumption...). • Rapidity • Power • Quality • Economy • Quiet • No maintenance The operating principle of EMG hydro-pneumatic cylinders is to divide the entire stroke into 3 parts: fast approach, working stroke and return stroke. Fast approach: The control valve injects compressed air into the piston chamber and actuates the working piston. The descent of the piston is quick but powerless: it is fast approach. Working stroke: When the working piston reaches the material, the control valve is reversed and triggers the 3/2 distributor which injects compressed air in the second piston chamber. The plunging shaft compresses oil and increases power. Return stroke: The control valve returns to its initial position. The air is evacuated by 3/2 distributor. The working pistons and traverse piston return to top speed in their initial position. A very wide range of machines combining: • 60+ different cylinders • With 3 different frames General Catalo

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Hydropneumatic presses - 2

Hydro-pneumatic presses from 7 to 30 T Examples 7 tons range frame Power * from 6 910 to 7 820 kg Total stroke * from 50 to 400 mm Travel * from 6 to 40 mm Clear height 440 mm Swan-neck depth 185 mm Fixing of tool on cylinder M30 x 2 x 25 mm Total length of the cylinder * from 650 to 1 790 mm Table 400 x 350 mm Weight * 500 kg * as per the choice of the cylinder 4 GROOVES FOR ANVIL STAKES Ø M 10 DIN 508 STANDARD Examples 13 tons range frame Power * from 13 380 to 14 000 kg Total stroke * from 50 to 300 mm Travel * from 6 to 40 mm Clear height 480 mm Swan-neck depth 220 mm Fixing of tool on...

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Hydropneumatic presses - 3

> Versions of the control for hydropneumatic presses • Version 1: intended for integration by the customer Only machine delivered, no controls, no equipment. • Version 2: running condition with two hand controls Version 1 + : • Two hand controls with push buttons. • Protection of side and top tables. • Distributor, check value and pneumatic fittings. • Regulation and lubrication filter (lockable). + • Version 3: running condition with two hand or pedal controls Version 2 + : •Pedal control for embedded tool work* •2-position key selector. *Definition: The embedded tools must be...

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Hydropneumatic presses - 4

• Anti-rotation by 2 columns System of anti-rotation by 2 columns. Attention to the loss of clear height: • 7 T frame: clear height = 265 mm • 13 T frame: clear height = 295 mm • 30 T frame: clear height = 340 mm • Additional regulator Additional regulator allowing working with a pressure from 0.5 to 6 bars. • 3% regulator Power regulator, adjustable from 0.5 to 6 bars with dial pressure gauge ensuring a repetitiveness of the cycle and precision upto 3%. • 1% regulator Power regulator, adjustable from 0.5 to 6 bars with digital pressure gauge ensuring a repetitiveness of the cycle and...

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Hydropneumatic presses - 5

> Special services In order to comply with the requirements of specific applications required by some professions, EMG proposes special tailor-made equipments, perfectly adapted to specifications and production constraints. Offset 7HR press Offset 7HR toggle press allowing increasing the swan-neck depth and work table. Thanks to its design department and a pool of more than 40 machines, EMG studies and carries out, on request, modifications or production of special presses as well as small fittings and press tooling. Cutting tooling on 3T press 3T pneumatic press with a cutting tooling at 2...

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Hydropneumatic presses - 6

Tooling of assembly of ring on 3HR 3HR rack presses with a tooling intended for assembly of plastic rings on an aluminium part, with a ring system on the tool before attachment. 3 point crimping tool 6PHR pneumatic press with a crimping tooling of 3 rivets for retaining a steel part in a stainless steel support. Tooling for fitting shaft in an aluminium profile on press 3t LP • Modification of the frame for the passage of profile • Study and realization of tooling General Catalog - Presses EMG

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Hydropneumatic presses - 7

A mark of excellence in productivity EMG has earned its reputation of excellence thanks to its integrated design and production methods and a solid technological prowess. This is backed up by an efficient distribution network, in compliance with the expectations of manufacturers. Benefitting from a strategy dedicated to quality and active search of performances, EMG equipments ensure competitivity, reliability and durability which are the core values for productivity of companies in numerous domains: • Watchmaking, jewellery, • Mechanical optics, • Electrical equipments, • Automotive...

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Hydropneumatic presses - 8

Developing breakthrough technology for the last 50 years Integrated production and skills Manufacturer with a well-recognized expertise, EMG has developed, for the last 3 generations, a wide range of products and services appreciated by the manufacturers all around the world. The production workshops facilitate integrated production from A to Z ensured by a multidisciplinary team proficient in all the production steps, from designing to complex mechanical operations and assembly with precision, going through various machining operations: milling, turning, surface or cylindrical grinding....

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Hydropneumatic presses - 9

> EMG presence in France and around the world Presence across 5 continents with a strong and reliable chain of distributors, manufacturers or retailers selected by EMG which are locally recognized for their experience and quality-oriented service. In France, our techno-commercials are also machine-tool experts, regularly trained on newer versions of the equipments and accessories. Within its distribution and sales network, all our representatives are specialists, thus ensuring the best possible suggestions and the quality offered by EMG manufacturer General Catalog - Presses EMG

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