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Intelligent Platforms A powerful production solution that delivers results

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Data Collection, Visualization and Analysis 8 Proficy Change Management 23 Proficy View - Machine Edition 26 Proficy Troubleshooter & Proficy Cause+ 30 Proficy Real-Time Information Portal 32 Proficy Plant Applications 36 Proficy Plant Performance Modules 38 Proficy Maintenance Gateway" 41 Proficy Workflow - Powered by Proficy SOA 45 Proficy Open Enterprise 50 Proficy Shop Floor SPC 52 Proficy Process Systems* 58 Proficy Batch Execution 60 Proficy Batch Analysis 62 GlobalCare* Support Services 64 Industry Expertise and Leadership 66

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Transforming your business for a sustainable advantage Every day, you face real c ­ hallenges in your operations that can dramatically impact the overall performance of your business—whether it’s a single site or an ­ xtended e e ­ nterprise. Customer ­ e­ ands, d m disparate ­ rocesses and p systems, regulatory standards and a host of other issues all add complexity to your o ­ perations on a daily basis. Achieving a sustainable a ­ dvantage in today’s competitive marketplace means having to take the next steps toward transforming your business. Your ability to drive operator...

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Powered by Proficy SOA Proficy SOA provides an industrial Service O ­ riented ­ rchitecture A (SOA) platform and e ­ nables you to solve production ­ hallenges c with improved i ­nteroperability and composite applications ­ that leverage a c ­ ross-system, real-time data and services bus and repository. You can consolidate and simplify systems, lower operating ­ costs, respond more quickly to changing needs and ease training. Proficy: Better, Faster and More Cost Effective Results GE Intelligent Platforms understands the challenges you face, and we can help you manage the complexities of...

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Material Management 6 Inventory Tracking & Material Movement 6 Holds & Disposition Management (Raw Material & Finished Goods) 6 Process Control Processing Operations 6 Recipe/BOM Management 6 Batch/Process Management 6 Schedule Execution 6 Quality Control & SPC 6 Safety Management 6 Process Control Packaging Operations 6 BOM Management 6 Finished Goods Inventory Management 6 Quality Control & SPC Information Management 6 Visualization 6 Supervisory Control 6 Alarm & Data Analytics 6 Audit Tracking 6 Change Management 6 SPC and Reporting 6 Enterprise Connectivity integration to address the...

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In short, partnering with GE Intelligent P ­ latforms adds up to a competitive advantage you can s ­ ustain over time. Change management Business vision requires not just best-of-breed technology ­ solutions but also ­ areful c a ­ ttention to the impact across your operations. You can rely on our expertise and ­ xperience to help you e identify your organization’s needs, and we will work with you to ­ uccessfully align your s b ­ usiness processes and staff. Partnering with an Industry Leader for Long-Term Growth You need a partner who understands your business and will work with you to...

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Customer Successes Information Management Finishing 6 Visualization 6 Machine / Process / 6 Supervisory Control Conveyor Control 6 Quality Assurance / Control 6 Visual Inspection / Defect Reporting 6 Analytics 6 Product Birth Certificates 6 Audit Tracking 6 Change Management 6 SPC and Reporting 6 Enterprise Connectivity “ Using GE Proficy software has e­ abled us n to ­ emonstrably ­ncrease d i p ­ roductivity and ­ ignificantly s improve the process ­ uality. q In addition, the software f ­ acilitates the daily work of our staff. ” Martin Siegenthaler Process Automation & System S ­...

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Data Collection, Visualization and Analysis In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the ability to truly understand and control your operations is critical for success. You need access to accurate, timely data to make informed decisions in real time. And you need the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of your process as well as your equipment and resources. With our powerful solutions, you can visualize, control, analyze ­ and optimize production data across your operations—­ resulting in enhanced decision making, faster time-to-market, improved...

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An Integrated View of Your Operations A collaborative approach enables you to share real-time information at all levels of the enterprise—accelerating efficiency and effectiveness. As businesses move away from an isolated silo approach to one that is integrated and c ­ ollaborative, our visualization and control solutions leverage the latest technologies to con- 10 Proficy Software nect the data you need across multiple, interrelated systems and departments. As a result, operators, s ­ upervisors, engineering, m ­ aintenance, quality and business personnel can quickly respond to accurate, c...

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Remote Operators Analysis & Optimization Alarm Actions & Notifications Central SCADA Graphics, Alarms, History Wells, Drilling, Mining, Green Energy Graphics, History, Reports Water Treatment, Metal Processing, Refining, Power Generation Graphics, Alarms, History, Control Water Distribution, Power T&D, Rail & Road Transport, O&G Pipelines Analysis & Optimization Alarm Actions & Notifications Business System Operations Management Central SCADA, Historian, Batch, Tracking.. Material, Validation Graphics, Control, Alarms, History QA, Testing, SPC Material Batching/Assembly Quality Graphics,...

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Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX A market-leading supervisory monitoring and control solution that leverages advanced technologies, Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX provides a window into your total operations cycle—enabling faster, better business decisions for high performance. Key Technical Benefits Flexibility of connecting and presenting data Scalability from isolated sensor to company-wide integration Reliable information analysis Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX is a flexible, integrated solution that provides superior process visualization, data acquisition, analytics and supervisory control of your...

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