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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 1

General Product Catalogue 2021 For refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 2

Note The components listed in this catalogue are not released for use with caustic, poisonous or flammable substances. Emerson Climate Technologies GmbH cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by using these substances. General Information Technical data provided herein is collected with scrutiny. However, errors and misprinting remain reserved. The technical data is presented for informational purposes only and they are not to be construed as warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the products or services described or their use or applicability. Technical data may...

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 3

Scroll Compressors - Comfort • ZR Copeland™ Scroll Compressor Range for R513A, R407C and R134a • YP Copeland Scroll Compressor Range for R32 • ZP Copeland Scroll Compressor Range for R410A • ZP Copeland Scroll Air Conditioning Compressor Range, Optimized for Seasonal Performance • ZPD & ZRD Copeland Scroll Digital Compressor Ranges for R513A, R410A and R407C • YPV Copeland Scroll Variable Speed Compressor Ranges for R32 • XPV & ZPV Copeland Scroll Variable Speed Compressor Ranges for R410A • YH Copeland Scroll Fixed Speed Compressor Range for A2L Refrigerants R454C and R452B • ZH Copeland...

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 4

Pioneering Technologies for Best-in-Class Products Emerson is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions, one of Emerson’s business platforms, provides advanced solutions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, while ensuring human comfort and health, protecting food quality and safety, advancing energy efficiency, and creating sustainable infrastructure. For more than 80 years we have been introducing innovative technology to...

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 5

Our 2021 product catalogue gives a comprehensive overview of More in-depth technical data is available through our user-friendly Emerson, Copeland and Alco Controls products. Take a look and Copeland and Alco selection software tools accessible via our discover our broad product ranges including these innovations: web page For individual consultancy and service please contact your European sales office. • New YP and YPV scroll compressors for cooling-only and reversible systems up to 700kW for R32 • New YH and YHV scroll compressors for low GWP refrigerants...

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 6

Supporting Your Transition to Sustainable Refrigerant Solutions The F-Gas regulation is one of the dominating challenges At Emerson, we don’t believe that “one refrigerant fits all.” of our industry today, posing new limitations to refrigerant Our comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions choice and impacting system architecture. As the designed for a variety of refrigerants enables our customers phasedown of HFCs continues globally, the challenge is to find the right fit for their architecture and create efficient, to identify truly sustainable alternatives that maximize...

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 7

Solutions for Natural Refrigerants R290 has zero ozone depletion potential, negligible global R744 is a leading option for environmental reasons, and it warming potential, as well as excellent thermodynamic can be a winner for power consumption as developments of properties. It has long been known for its good component technology and application methods continue refrigerating performance, but also for its flammability to reveal potential performance gains. The system and, consequently, implies strict considerations for pressures are much higher than in conventional systems, manufacturers...

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 8

Copeland™ Scroll Compressors With the launch of scroll technology in the mid 1980s, of the Emerson sound shell give manufacturers, Emerson revolutionized the market setting new standards installers and end users the right tools to reduce in the air conditioning industry. Since then, Copeland scroll the carbon footprint of their installations, optimize system has become the reference not only in air conditioning but design, efficiency, sound and reliability, while ensuring in refrigeration and heating applications too. Thousands long equipment lifetime and minimizing capital and of customers...

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 9

Copeland™ Mobile App: Compressor Replacement at your Fingertips The Copeland Mobile app provides service technicians with onthe-go access to Emerson’s database of product information for Copeland compressors. The users now have direct access to more than 3,000 models of (service) compressors for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration applications on their mobile phones. Directly linked to Select Online Software database, the app helps find cross reference service replacements for the searched compressor models and gives access to a large network of official wholesalers, across Europe....

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 10

Comfort Applications

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 11

Comfort Applications For decades, Emerson has driven advancement in the air alternatives with a lower global warming potential for the conditioning and heat pump industry, leading the field same applications. Increasingly stringent regulations, like with engineering products and systems that maximize F-Gas, are leading the shift towards low GWP refrigerants the comfort of office and living spaces – while minimizing in conjunction with the requirements for maximizing the energy efficiency and driving the HVACR market towards more sustainable choices. Browse this catalogue to find out...

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General Product Catalogue 2021 - 12

ZR Copeland™ Scroll Compressor Range for R513A, R407C and R134a ZR Copeland scroll compressor were developed or comfort and process/precision cooling applications using R513A, R407C and R134a. Applied in the air conditioning and comfort industry for water chillers, rooftops and close control unit applications, scroll compressors are now the most used compression technology replacing reciprocating and screw compressors due to its undeniable superiority. Several, fully Copeland qualified, multiple compressor assemblies (tandem and trio) are available to allow the use of Copeland scroll...

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