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UV/IRS Flame Detector Product Data Sheet UV/IRS Flame Detector Ultraviolet and Infrared Optical Sensors The UV/IRS (Ultraviolet/Infrared) flame detector delivers exceptional performance with many distinct functions and features. Two precise spectrums of radiation must be recognized and confirmed by highly tuned sensors for the UV/ IRS to initiate a fire condition. This accurate and reliable flame monitoring technology combined with immunity to arc welding, hot body radiation, lightning, and sunlight greatly reduces costly false alarms while providing critical safety performance to your site and personnel. Two radiation wavelengths necessary for alarm – minimizing false alarm events Low power consumption increases uptime and lowers overall costs Manual and automatic testing of optical surfaces Designed for extreme conditions, operational from -50 °C to +75 °C Global certifications and approvals Wide voltage range allows for greater stability and system compatibility Enclosed in a rugged, explosion-proof housing, the UV/IRS flame detector uses the latest in modular microprocessor and Ultraviolet/Infrared sensor technology — delivering accurate and reliable monitoring for hydrocarbon based fires. It is capable of standalone operation or can be connected to a variety of networked safety systems to create a dependable fire monitoring system. The UV/IRS flame detector has many unique features which make it one of the industries best: an extra wide field of view — up to 120°; user defined sensitivity and time delay settings can be completed in the field with no special tools required; one of the lowest power consumption levels and widest voltage range available on the market. Field-selectable sensitivity and delay settings allows operators to fine tune at installation site Wide area coverage, extended range with fast response times Analog, relay, RS 485 digital Modbus, and HART® outputs available Three year warranty electronics/two years on sensors The UV/IRS flame detector is simple to operate and maintain while delivering all the security and performance required for high-risk, industrial installations!

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UV/IRS Flame Detector Specifications Table 1 - UV/IRS Flame Detector Analog Operating Voltage Range Power Consumption at 24 Vdc *with Heater Power Consumption at 32 Vdc *with Heater Temperature Range UV Radiation 185 to 260 nm (1850 to 2600 angstroms) | IR Radiation in the 4.4 µm range Spectral Range DIP switch selectable to 0, 3, 5, 7 seconds Time Delay DIP switch selectable to 8, 16, 24 or 32 counts per second Sensitivity Settings < 6 seconds [depending on fuel source, fire size and distance] Response Time Red powder coated with clear anodizing, 6061 aluminum (optional 316 stainless...

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UV/IRS Flame Detector Separation Boxes & Accessories Table 2 - Summary of Distances Table 3 - Immunity False Alarm Stimuli Fire Size Typical Response Immunity Range Direct/indirect sunlight Halogen, incandescent light Florescent light Figure 1 - Example Field of View - Methane 32'' plume - indicated in feet - consult factory for other gases Detector Head Vertical Field of View with Detector at 45° from Horizontal 2.60'' 4.12'' VI Reflector Yellow Dot Align with center of Reflector Table 4 - Termination Boxes Class I, Division 1, Groups BCD - Class I, Zone 1 – Enclosure rated NEMA 4X, IP67...

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UV/IRS Flame Detector Product Data Sheet FGD PDS UV IRS Flame Detector December 2014 ©2014 Emerson Process Management. All rights reserved. Emerson Process Management Calgary, Alberta, Canada T1Y7J7 The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. Rosemount Analytical is a mark of Emerson Process Management family of companies. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. The contents of this publication are presented for information purposes only, and while effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not to be construed as warranties or...

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