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Industry-leading Testing Procedures Help to Ensure Total Customer Satisfaction Our goal at Emerson is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, and this is reflected in the way we manufacture and test our gas chromatograph products. Our Quality Commitment Emerson’s Gas Chromatograph Center of Excellence is committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and systems to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We are driven by: The conditions in your field environment are tough. Your Emerson gas chromatograph will be tougher. That is our quality promise to you. A keen understanding of our customer’s needs The commitment of every employee to provide the highest quality products and services avaialable in the industry A sharp focus on improving processes in all areas to maximize effectiveness, increase throughput, eliminate waste and add more customer value Every Emerson gas chromatograph that leaves our facility undergoes rigorous testing throughout assembly. The majority of our systems are put into a 24-hour environmental chamber test, where they must operate to specification in an environment where the temperatures cycle between 0° and 130 °F (-18° and 54 °C) for a minimum of 24 hours. Environmental chamber testing is offered to our customers free of charge for all Emerson gas chromatographs prior to shipment. Our product testing procedures are much stricter than the industry standard for analytical measurement products. When you purchase an Emerson gas chromatograph, you can be assured that you’re purchasing the highest-quality process gas chromatograph or natural gas chromatograph available. As a result of chamber testing, 100 % of all gas chromatographs that we ship will operate to the performance specifications across the stated operating temperature range. Environmental Test Chamber Emerson’s Houston-based gas chromatograph center of excellence houses three environmental test chambers. In these chambers, our gas chromatographs are brought online to full power for a period of 24 hours, where they are soaked in 4–6 hour cycles of temperatures ranging from 0-130 °F (-18–54 °C). Resulting data is analyzed to ensure peak performance of each system.

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BTU Repeatability In Environmental Chamber Model 700 C 9 + Application - Pipeline Gas COLD SOAK COLD RAMP Stated Repeatability (oven temperature): ±0.05% CV Repeatability as tested: ±0.0165% ELAPSED TIME We offer environmental chamber testing on every Emerson gas chromatograph that we ship. This ensures that even in the most extreme temperatures, an Emerson gas chromatograph will maintain repeatability over the specified temperature range. www.RosemountAnalytical.com www.analyticexpert.com www.twitter.com/RAIhome ©2012 Emerson Process Management. All rights reserved. Emerson Process...

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