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Technical Description 501026En, Ed. 4, Rev A February 2012 ROSEMOUNT Tank Gauging EMERSON Process Management

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Technical Description 501026En, Ed. 4, Rev A February 2012 Contents System overview_________________________________________________ 5 Features________________________________________________________ 6 Measurement principle____________________________________________ 6 Applications_____________________________________________________ 7 Select the right Pro gauge_ ________________________________________ 8 Transmitter Head versions_ ________________________________________________8 Software modules________________________________________________________8 Cone...

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Technical Description Antennas_ ____________________________________________________________24 _ Cone antenna_______________________________________________________24 Cone antenna, extended_ _____________________________________________25 Cone antenna with integrated purging____________________________________26 Parabolic antenna____________________________________________________27 Still-pipe array antenna________________________________________________27 1- and 2-in. still-pipe antennas__________________________________________28 Process seal...

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Technical Description 501026En, Ed. 4, Rev A February 2012 System overview Pro Parabolic Pro Still-pipe Antenna Gauge Array Antenna Gauge Pro Cone Antenna Gauge Pro Still-pipe Pro Process Antenna Gauge Seal Antenna Gauge Field Communication Unit Temperature Sensor TankMaster PC Workstations in network

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Technical Description TankRadar Pro Features • Multi-purpose radar level gauge • No moving parts and no contact with the liquid • No maintenance • Highest reliability • Easy installation • High accuracy • Handles difficult tank conditions due to ultra-high sensitivity and unique signal processing features • High flexibility with interchangeable Transmitter Heads and antennas • A wide array of antennas and versions for best performance in all applications • Interactive setup with Windows based PC software or via display unit • Analog 4-20 mA superimposed with HART , and digital Profibus DP,...

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Technical Description 501026En, Ed. 4, Rev A February 2012 Applications TankRadar Pro uses state-of-the art microwave technology to get highest reliability and precision. It measures the level of liquids, slurries as well as many solids. The gauge operates in a wide range of temperatures, pressures, vapor gas mixtures and various process conditions. The applications include: • Storage tanks at refineries and tank terminals • LPG storage • Power plants • Chemical & petrochemical industry • Pharmaceutical TankRadar Pro parabola and cone versions provide free propagation, high accuracy level...

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Technical Description 501026En, Ed. 4, Rev A February 2012 Select the right Pro gauge A TankRadar Pro gauge consists of a Transmitter Head and a tank connection including antenna. The Transmitter Head, as well as the electronics inside, is interchangeable without opening the tank. Transmitter Head versions The Transmitter Head is available in four basic versions: • Lite Intended for applications in non-hazardous areas only. Suitable for tanks without internal structures and agitators, e.g. certain storage tanks, water, dam applications etc. The Lite version has FFT calculations enabled...

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Technical Description 501026En, Ed. 4, Rev A February 2012 Antenna versions The thin antenna plate prevents the flange from exposure to the tank environment. TankRadar Pro can be equipped with different antennas to fulfill various requirements. The tank connection, including antenna, is the only part exposed to the tank atmosphere. The cone antenna is most commonly used. When selecting antenna dimension, it is generally recommended to use as large antenna diameter as possible. mm (inches) The cone antenna is suitable for liquid applications. It can be used for both free propagation and...

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Technical Description TankRadar Pro Parabolic antenna The parabolic antenna is suitable for both liquid and solid applications. As it has the largest diameter it has the most narrow radar beam and can be used for extremely long measuring distances. The parabolic is also the antenna type most insensitive to contamination. It can be used in applications with severe antenna condensation like asphalt and liquid sulphur. Two versions are available: the very easily installed version with clamped mounting of flanges with a 96 mm (3.78-in.) diameter hole in flange (low pressures) and a welded...

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Technical Description 501026En, Ed. 4, Rev A February 2012 Still-pipe Array antenna The Still-pipe Array Antenna with its small-sized antenna is designed for mounting on existing stillpipes. Typical applications are crude oil tanks with floating roofs and gasoline/product tanks with or without inner floating roofs. The gauge uses a unique patented Low Loss Mode to transmit the radar waves in the center of the pipe. This virtually eliminates degradation of the accuracy due to rust and product deposits inside the pipe. The Still-pipe Array Antenna is available in two models, the fixed and the...

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Technical Description TankRadar Pro Process seal antenna The dish made of PTFE or ceramics seals off the cone shaped antenna from the tank atmosphere. This combines the benefits of using a cone antenna with the advantage of only exposing material suitable for hygienic or corrosive applications. • Suitable in hygienic or aggressive tank atmospheres • Cone antenna protected from the tank atmosphere by a ceramic or PTFE sealing • Ceramic seal withstands high pressures and temperatures • 4- and 6-in. versions • 4-in. version for hazardous applications • ± 10 mm (± 0.4 in.) accuracy 4 in. : 160...

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Technical Description 501026En, Ed. 4, Rev A February 2012 Measuring range The diagrams below show how the measuring range is influenced by the antenna type, dielectric constant of the liquid (εr) and the process conditions. For optimum performance the maximum measuring distance should be kept within the range indicated with darker colour in the diagrams. To increase the measuring range further in turbulent tanks, a stillpipe can be used. For still-pipe mounted Pro gauges the typical measuring range is 35-50 m (115-160 ft) also in turbulent tanks with liquids having εr less than 1.9. NOTE:...

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