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BRAIMSOIM Spin Welder Model SW300 EMERSON Industrial Automation

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Spin Welder Model SW300 The Branson Model SW300 is a precision servodriven spin welding system capable of welding circular joint interface parts with accurate control and highly consistent results. The SW300 can be configured to manual, semi-automated, or fullyautomated manufacturing environments. Key Features and Benefits • Motor (5.1 kW/6.8 hp) and drive combination capable of 30 Nm of peak torque at 240V AC, 3 Ø input power. • Settable servo motor speed (250–3500 rpm @240V AC input power). • Servo motor accuracy of ±0.1 degree. • Mechanical stop indicator on the outside of the actuator....

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SW-300 - 3

Key Features and Benefits (continued) • 6-foot column. • Pneumatic package for vacuum in fixture (also can be used for part sensing in the fixture). • Linear encoder for ease of setup. Allows for collapse and absolute height modes. • Absolute height. • Part clamp position • Collapse (meltdown) • Final orientation/position • Peak torque • Revolutions • Weld speed (rpm) • Higher speed motor setup, 250-4800 rpm at 480V AC, 3 0. • RS232 comma separated data output to PC • Cycle count, recipe name, mode, spin direction, preweld speed, peak weld speed, number of revolutions, final orientation...

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Spin Welding Mechanical Specifications Electrical Specifications Power requirement: 240-480 V AC, 3 Ø, 20 amps, 50/60 Hz Stroke length: Height adjustment: Throat (tooling centerline to column): Bottom of spindle to base distance: Maximum force applied to part: Pneumatic requirement: Ordering Information Branson EDP No. Model SW300 LIFT COLUMN SECTION A-A SCALE .2 Dimensions Actuator and stand with standard 4-foot column ERGO BASE All specifications subject to change without notice. Branson Ultrasonics Corporation 41 Eagle Road, Danbury, CT 06813-1961 (203) 796-0400 • Fax: (203) 796-9838...

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