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Safety Monitoring Advanced Gas, Flame, and Particle Detection Solutions NET#SAfETY EMERSON Process Management

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Net Safety Monitoring is now part of the Emerson Process Management Analytical Group of companies. Recognized as an industry leader in the manufacture of fixed point safety instrumentation, Net Safety joins the most comprehensive set of analytical solutions in the industry. All around the world, thousands of customers count on Emerson Process Management for solutions to optimize their performance, productivity, and profitability. For nearly two decades Net Safety has built a reputation for developing premium quality flame detectors, fixed toxic and combustible gas detectors, and specialized...

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Millennium II Series – Fixed Gas Detection The Millennium II Series of gas detectors have been engineered from the ground-up to include the innovative features that engineers and operators in the field demand, while providing rock solid day-to-day operation in even the most challenging applications. The Millennium II pushes the boundaries of what you can expect from your detectors. Single, Dual-Channel, or BASIC Transmitter Configurations Superior OLED Display Functions Down to -55 °C and Up To +85 °C Extremely Low Power Consumption Increases Uptime, and Lowers Overall Costs Simple To Use...

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UV/IRS Flame Detector Two spectrums of radiation must be recognized and confirmed by precisely tuned sensors for the UV/IR to initiate a fire condition, greatly reducing false alarms while providing critical safety performance to your site and personnel. Reacting to a single spectrum of ultraviolet radiation found in flame, the UV delivers the fastest response and widest field of view available. The UV does not react when exposed to incandescent or fluorescent lighting, heaters or sunlight. *Hydrocarbon and Hydrogen based flame detection *Hydrocarbon and Hydrogen based flame detection...

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Net Safety’s world-class research and development team has a passion for product innovation. As an Emerson Process Management company, we are taking our capabilities and products to the next level. We are excited to bring our customers the next generation of process safety solutions, including PlantWeb and wirelessHART. At Net Safety Monitoring, we continue to treat quality with a level of importance beyond a traditional manufacturer. We know our instruments provide critical protection to thousands of operators and facilities every day, and must sustain continuous and reliable protection...

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Safety Monitoring Advanced Gas, Flame, and Particle Detection Solutions ©2014 Emerson Process Management. All rights reserved. The Emerson logo is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. The contents of this publication are presented for information purposes only, and while effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not to be construed as warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the products or services described herein or their use or applicability. All sales are governed by our terms and...

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