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Roxar subsea SenCorr PTPT sensor intrusive fully redundant pressure - 10,000 psi / 690 bar MAXIMUM RESERVOIR PERFORMANCE & temperature sensor Subsea Redundant Pressure and Temperature (PTPT) Sensor Roxar's subsea SenCorr PTPT sensors are based on piezoresistive measurement technology, which allows them to maintain accuracy and stability in fluctuating temperature- and high-pressure conditions. Two independent silicon piezoresistive sensors measure both pressure and temperature from the same measurement bridge, giving complete temperature compensation of the pressure reading and eliminating inaccuracies that may occur due to temperature gradients. The silicon sensors are placed in two high pressure oil-filled cavities using two separation diaphragms. Pressure & Temperature measurement options Roxar's subsea SenCorr Pressure & Temperature sensors are available in a PT version (Pressure/Temperature), a PTPT version (fully redundant Pressure/Temperature) or in combination with our CMPT (Corrosion), SEPT (Sand Erosion) or Force (flow momentum) sensors. Pressure & Temperature sensors available in 10,000 and 15,000 psi versions. INTERPRETATION MODELING SIMULATION WELL & COMPLETION PRODUCTION & PROCESS

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Specifications - PTPT 10,000 psi • ±1°C from -40°C to 0°C / -40°F to 32°F Temperature annual drift: • <0.1% of FSR/year Temperature resolution: • 0.001°C Temperature repeatability: • ±0.1°C Response time temperature: • Standard: 1 second • Best: 0.5 second Interface Details - Mechanical Connection type to pipe: • Integral flange API 6A 6BX 2 1/16" 10,000 psi, PSL3, PR1, Duplex ASTM A182-F51 • Ring gasket BX 152 CRA Inconel 625 (UNS N06625) all wetted parts Temperature range: KX Material class: HH Connector type: • Duplex (UNS S31803) top cover with interface to Tronic, ODI or Omnitec...

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