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Real time sand monitoring for oil, gas or multiphase pipelines The Roxar subsea Sand monitors are intelligent non-intrusive devices that utilize the acoustic noise produced by sand particles to calculate real-time sand production in oil, gas or multiphase pipeline flows. The units are compact, robust and designed for easy installation on the outside of the subsea production pipe-work. Roxar offers two models; ROV retrievable and Non-retrievable, both mounted in fixed pre-installed clamps assemblies. Process Management

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General Specifications Model: • Roxar subsea Sand monitor (Model 03 / 04) Technology: • Acoustic Uncertainty: • 5-10% (depending on flow regime and calibration level) Repeatability: • ±1% (the sensors have a repeatability better than 1%, meaning the sensor signal will read the same values with less than 1% deviation for fixed noise reference signals generated by a calibrated noise generator. The reference signal levels range from zero reading to maximum sensor reading of 2 mill. (100nV). Flow velocity: • Minimum 1 m/s Particle detection limit: • In gas: >15 pm (depending on flow rate,...

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