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PRODUCT DATA SHEET Edition 02 April 2008 - page 4 PRODUCT DATA SHEET Edition 02 April 2008 - page 1 High Level and Overfill Alarm for LNG Rosemount TankRadar® OFC ® The Rosemount TankRadar OFC for the carriers of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a radar based alarm system designed by Emerson Process Management Marine Solutions. Installation ® The installation of the Rosemount TankRadar OFC system is convenient and straightforward. The Overfill Alarm Tank Gauge (OTG) is placed on deck according to requirements stated in the Installation Manual. The main requirement for the still pipe is that it must be smooth and without disturbances in the alarm area. The Overfill Alarm Cabinet (OCA) can be placed anywhere in safe area indoor onboard. The Overfill Alarm Panel (OPA) can be placed directly on the OCA or on the bridge, in the cargo control room or other safe indoor location. Service and Maintenance ® The Rosemount TankRadar OFC system requires no extra maintenance except from normal care and preservation. The Tank Gauge Electronics (TGE) can be changed during operation by crew onboard. Instruction about replacing units and maintenance are found in the Operating manual. Overfill Alarm Panel OPA Overfill Alarm Cabinet OCA Overfill Alarm Tank OTG ^. The contents, descriptions and specifications within this document is subject to change without prior notice. Rosemount Tank Radar accepts no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. As each system may be configured for each delivery, the contents and illustrations in this document may differ from your system. Rosemount TankRadar and the Rosemount logotype are registered trademarks of Rosemount Tank Radar AB. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Products disclosed herein are protected by at least patent no. 9902594 (Sweden) and any corresponding rights in other countries. ® The Rosemount TankRadar OFC system is a continuous, at all time supervising alarm system with a defined alarm area zone where alarm points easily are set at delivery. The system is designed as a two-in-one solution with the High Level and Overfill Alarm functionally separated and independent from each other. These two channels that are mounted in the same intrinsically safe Overfill Tank Gauge are separately communicating data with the Overfill Alarm Cabinet. The alarm handling is monitored from the Overfill Alarm Panel installed in the cabinet or remotely placed in a console on bridge or control room. The system can be selected as either a High Level or an Overfill Alarm system as well as the above described integrated High Level and Overfill Alarm system. The functionality and technique used is the same in the two cases though the one system solution only uses one channel per gauge and common still pipe. Level limits for alarms are configured to comply with customer requirements. The limits can be decided and set as late as the commissioning of the system. ® The Rosemount TankRadar OFC is designed to supervise up to six LNG cargo tanks. Overfill Alarm Still Pipe OSP Relay outputs © 2008 Rosemount Tank Radar AB. All rights reserved. EMERSON.Process Management EMERSON.Process Management

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PRODUCT DATA SHEET Edition 02 April 2008 - page 2 PRODUCT DATA SHEET Edition 02 April 2008 - page 3 The Rosemount TankRadar® OFC is built on the intelligent designed radar gauge with software that independently processes measured data and maintains accurate and precise alarm monitoring throughout the whole system. Supported by the cabinet and alarm panel the system offers a safe independent full controlled 2-in-1 monitored High Level and Overfill Alarm system. The OTG, Overfill Tank Gauge Alarm Monitoring All the alarm handling and monitoring is conducted from the Overfill Alarm Panel...

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