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PROCESS GAS ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS VISUALIZE a more simplified, flexible, and cost efficient solution to meet your most challenging gas processing needs in an increasingly complex and demanding industry. ANALYZE your gas processes with greater speed and accuracy using innovative technologies to safely and confidently measure a wide range of components in various applications. OPTIMIZE production performance and reduce operating costs by partnering with an industry expert capable of supporting your local and worldwide gas processing needs. Every day, around the world, Emerson Process Management...

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> VISUALIZE With nearly 40 years experience servicing the gas and liquid analysis industry, Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical has grown to become a leading global provider of process gas analyzers, gas chromatographs, combustion analyzers, liquid and gas sensors and complete analysis systems delivering greater accuracy and maximize performance while increasing productivity and reducing your overall costs. Typical Application Solutions Chemical / Petrochemical General inert gas blanketing control Hydrogen plant Ammonia, urea, and fertilizer production Ethylene and propylene production Acetone,...

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> ANALYZE X-STREAM Process Gas Analyzers X-STREAM Enhanced Process Gas Analyzers The X-STREAM process gas analyzer is perfect for multi-component analysis. It uses non-dispersive infrared, ultraviolet, and visible photometry (NDIR/UV/VIS), paramagnetic and electrochemical oxygen (pO2/eO2), and thermal conductivity (TCD) sensor technologies, as well as trace oxygen (trace O2) and trace moisture (trace H2O) for consistent, precise process gas measurement. Rosemount Analytical sets new standards of ease of use with the X-STREAM Enhanced process gas analyzer. With a unique web browser interface...

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X-STREAM User Interface X-STREAM Photometric Technology The unique web browser interface of the X-STREAM Enhanced process gas analyzer allows users to securely log in to calibrate parameters and manage alarms from any Ethernet connection. The ability to remotely monitor and manage these greatly simplifies diagnostic capabilities. Additional features include: Rosemount Analytical process gas analyzers feature IntrinzX intrinsically linear photometric technology, which provides high sensitivity, large dynamic ranges, and long-term span stability. The ability to remotely manage the analyzer...

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> OPTIMIZE MLT, CLD & FID Process Gas Analyzers Typical Applications Rosemount Analytical’s MLT, CLD, and FID series of gas analyzers offers multi-component, multi-method analysis utilizing non-dispersive infrared, visible, ultraviolet (NDIR/UV/VIS), thermal conductivity (TCD), paramagnetic, and electrochemical sensor technologies (pO2/eO2), as well as the combination with chemiluminescence (CLD) and flame ionization (FID) detectors. The MLT series of analyzers measures up to five gas components. MLT analyzers can be designed as single stand-alone analyzers or as a central interface for...

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Analytical Systems Emerson Rosemount Analytical analysis solutions range from single gas analyzers including sample handling options to complex, multipoint systems with sample conditioning, data acquisition, analyzer cabinets and complete walk-in analyzer houses to meet customers requirements. For applications in hazardous areas, complete analyzer houses can be pressurized. Our leading-edge instruments and application expertise, customer service and worldwide support will help you to maximize process performance, productivity and profitability. We manufacture analyzers with a wide range of...

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Process Gas Analysis Solutions History of Process Gas Analyzers at Emerson Process Management MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Emerson Process Management Emerson FZE P.O Box 17033 Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai, United Arab Emirates T +971 4 811 8100 F +971 4 886 5465 EUROPE Emerson Process Management GmbH & Co. OHG Rosemount Analytical Process Gas Analyzer Center of Excellence Industriestrasse 1 63594 Hasselroth, Germany T +49 6055 884 0 F +49 6055 884 209 ASIA-PACIFIC Emerson Process Management Asia...

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