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Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector Product Data Sheet BCR-0020-00-030 June 2012 Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector MultiSpectrum Infrared Sensors “SMART” Gas Detector Series Very serious risks to human life, productivity and equipment are always present at industrial facilities that store, transport and process flammable or explosive chemicals. Automatic flame detection and protective action must be initiated within seconds whenever a fire ignites. Net Safety’s Phoenix Triple IR flame detector provides the reliable and instantaneous flame detection response that is required while utilizing advanced technologies to reduce maintenance costs and provide rock-solid performance in any environment. External Reflector — Greatly Reduces Faults No ­ And Maintenance Where Salt, Heavy Rain, Sand Or Snow Are Constantly Present Lowest Power Consumption of Any Flame Detector On the Market Designed for Extreme Conditions, Operational From -50°C — +85°C Wide Voltage Range Allows For Greater Stability and System Compatibility Field-selectable Sensitivity and Delay Settings Allows Operators To Fine Tune At Installation Site Automatic Visual Integrity Confirms Optical Functions — Universal Test Lamp Available Wide Area Coverage, Extended Range with Fast Response Times Automatic Digital Zoom Eliminates False Alarms and Maximizes Sensitivity Analog, Relay, RS 485 Digital Modbus®, and HART® Outputs Available Three discrete infrared sensors are precisely tuned to infrared wavelengths where our research team identified dynamic differences in absolute amplitude, relative amplitude, flicker frequency, phase relationship and bandwidth of energy emitted by typical fires, whether small, gradually expanding fires or massive, instantaneous explosions. Unexpected bursts of thermal energy, reflections of hot equipment or heavy rain and snow can cause other flame detectors to ignore actual fire, cause false alarms, or go into a fault condition. The Phoenix Triple IR is the ONLY flame detector on the market that does not have an external reflector or light source. Experience has shown that external reflectors and light sources often become obscured by industrial dirt and corrosion which causes unwanted fault alarms that requires difficult and costly maintenance to correct. The Phoenix Triple IR flame detector completely eliminates these issues in applications where salt, dust, petroleum vapor, heavy rain and snow or blowing sand are present. Automatic Digital Zoom (ADZ) technology was developed by our engineers to precisely and reliably identify a broad spectrum of flame types and sizes while minimizing false alarms. Phoenix ADZ, provides accurate detection of small and massive flames in the most difficult working situations where other detectors fail. Net Safety has engineered a superior multi-spectrum PMS - Uncoated PMS - Coated CMYK Market Leading 7 Year Warranty Global Certifications and Approvals IR flame detector that is field configurable, easy to maintain, and delivers the security and performance required for any high-risk installation.

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Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector Product Data Sheet Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector ORDERING INFORMATION IR3S-R Fire and Fault Alarm Relays IR3S-AH 4-20mA Analog Output and HART*1 Communication Protocol (included JB-MPHF-A/S) IR3S-AR 4-20mA Analog Output and Fire and Fault Alarm Relays IR3S-AD 4-20mA Analog Output and RS-485 MODBUS" RTU Protocol IR3S-AHR 4-20mA Analog Output, Fire and Fault Alarm Relays and HART" Communication Protocol (included JB-MPHFR-A/S) ADDITIONAL APPROVALS : -X (ATEX/IECEx) ENCLOSURE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel (-SS) [ Aluminum is Standard ] Ordering Matrix Example:...

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Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector Product Data Sheet BCR-0020-00-030 June 2012 Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector Specifications con’t - Termination Boxes - Accessories Example Field of View - Methane Summary of Distances Fuel Fire Size Distance Typical Response n-heptane 1’ x 1’ 210 feet max < 2sec @ 100 ft. gasoline 1’ x 1’ 150 feet max < 5sec @ 150 ft. methane 32” plume 140 feet max 32” plume - indicated in feet - consult factory for other gases < 5sec @ 140 ft. Immunity False Alarm Stimuli Stimuli Immunity Range arc welding/sparking/arcing 10 ft + direct and/or indirect sunlight total...

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Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detector Product Data Sheet Emerson Process Management Calgary, Alberta, Canada T1Y7J7 BLOG LIKE LEARN SHARE ©2012 Emerson Process Management. All rights reserved. Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical, and Net Safety Monitoring are marks of Emerson Process Management group of companies. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. The contents of this publication are presented for information purposes only, and while effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not to be construed as warranties or guarantees, express or implied,...

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