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Oxymitter 4000 Hazardous Area In Situ Oxygen Transmitter

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Product Data Sheet Hazardous Area In Situ Oxygen Transmitter ■ Electronics mounted to probe or separate ■ Optional Xi advanced electronics - large backlit LCD display - advanced software features ■ Adaptable to any existing 02 probe installation ■ Advanced sensor diagnostics - alarm indicates when calibration is ■ Optional explosion-proof rating - AMS/PlantWeb® compatible ■ HART® wireless communication from probe or Xi Wireless THUM™ Adaptor mounts to either electronics interface (Safe area only) ROSEMOUNT EMERSON. AnalyticaI Process Management

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The Latest Breakthrough For Combustion Flue Gas Analysis The Oxymitter In Situ Oxygen Transmitter was the world’s first in situ, zirconium oxide-based oxygen transmitter for flue gas measurement. These oxygen measurements can be used in a control system or by a boiler operator to fine tune burner fuel/ air ratios for maximum efficiency. Ideal for: n Boilers n Process Heaters n Kilns n Reheat furnaces Emerson Process Management is the leader in oxygen flue gas analyzer technology. Our in situ, zirconium oxide oxygen analyzers have long been established as industry standards. We’ve combined...

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The Oxymitter Oxygen Transmitter is Completely Field-repairable Diffusion Filter and Sensor Cell Assembly n Outstanding accuracy–±75% of reading or .05% O2 n Special cells for tough service in SO2 and HCL n Rugged steel cell holder – cells will not crack Heater/Thermocouple Assembly n ATEX II 2G Exd IIB +H2 T4 Gb n CSA/FM Class I, Div. I, Groups B, C and D n Lengths from 18” (.9m) to 6’ Electronics n -40°F to 185°F(-40°C to 70°C) ambient temperature limit n HART communications n “Calibration Recommended” diagnostic Hazardous Area Electronics Integral to Probe, or Remote Mounted n Lowest...

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Advanced Software Features (available only with the Xi electronics) Extended Process Temperature Range to 800°C (1562°F) The oxygen analyzer employs a heater and thermocouple to maintain a temperature setpoint at 736°C (1357°F). Temperature control is maintained within ±1°C to process temperatures of about 705°C (1300°F). This is satisfactory for most applications, but excursions to higher temperatures can occur in many processes. In these instances, the heater is turned off and the process temperature is utilized to heat the sensing cell. The oxygen reading is adjusted immediately to...

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Programmable Reference The zirconium oxide sensing technology has historically measured process oxygen by using ambient or instrument air as a reference (20.95% oxygen). The sensor develops most of its signal at the low oxygen levels typically found in combustion flue gases (2-4% oxygen) and is most accurate at these levels. When measuring at levels near ambient, however, the sensor develops only a few millivolts of signal and accuracy degrades. The zirconium oxide sensing technology has historically measured process oxygen by using ambient or instrument air as a reference (20.95% oxygen)....

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Specifications1 Measurement Specifications Net O2 range variable 0-10% to 0-40% (Xi electronics offer 0-50% O2 range) Temperature limit as measured inside Oxymitter electronics -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F) Accuracy in oxidizing conditions ±0.75% of reading or 0.05% O2, whichever is greater Lowest detectable limit 0.02% O2 Optional Xi Electronics NEMA 4X, Polycarbonite Material General Purpose Certifications Process temperature effect less than 0.05% O2 from 100-700°C System speed of response to calibration gas Initial response in less than 3 seconds, T90 in less than 8 seconds. Response to...

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Specifications (cont) Calibration Semi-automatic or automatic Cal gases .4% O2 and 8%, balance N2 recommended Cal gas flow 5 scfh (2.5 l/m) Heater electrical power 100 - 240V, ±10% 50/60 Hz 1/2”— 14” NPT conduit ports Traditional architecture cable 200 foot (61m) maximum length Power consumption of probe heater 776VA maximum during warm-up Electrical Power of Oxymitter or optional Xi electronics 120 to 240V, ±10% 50/60 Hz Hazardous Area Oxymitter with Remote Electronics (cont) Class I, Zone 1, AEx de IIB+H2 T6 (Remote Electronics) FM Class I, Zone 1, AEx d IIB+H2 T2 (Remote Probe) Class I,...

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Without cell flame arrestor (process is not considered to be within hazardous area)

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Outline Dimensions for Oxymitter Hazardous Area Oxygen Transmitter External Earth Ground Cell flame arrestor provided only on Internal Earth Ground & Customer Terminations Electrical Isolation Barrier Mounting Plate Outline Note: All dimensions are In Inches with millimeters in parentheses. Gasket Included Refer to Table 1 for dimensions. Table I. Mounting Plate_ Probe Insertion Removal Length Depth Envelope

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Ordering information Hazardous Area Oxymitter with HART® Communications. Cell flame arrestor included (process gases are considered to be within hazardous area). Optional Xi electronics not applicable. Model Product Description In Situ Oxygen Transmitter – Explo-Proof – HART® Smart (Oxymitter 4000) Sensing Probe Type With Flame Arrestor 1 Ceramic diffusion element probe (ANSI) 3” 150 lb. bolt circle Snubber diffusion element (ANSI) 3” 150 lb. bolt circle Ceramic diffusion element probe (DIN 2527) 1/4” tube fittings Snubber diffusion element (DIN 2527) 1/4” tube fittings Ceramic diffusion...

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Ordering information (cont) Termination Filtering 00 Specified as part of electronic housing Cal./ref. flowmeter and reference pressure regulator Autocalibration Systems – order by separate part number (for safe areas only) Hazardous Area Approval 00 Specified as part of electronic housing Electronics to Probe Cable 00 No cable – integral electroncs 20’ (6m) cable – remote electronics 40’ (12m) cable – remote electronics 60’ (18m) cable – remote electronics 80’ (24m) cable – remote electronics 100’ (30m) cable – remote electronics 150’ (45m) cable – remote electronics 200’ (61m) cable –...

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