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OPM 4001 Opacity/Dust Density Monitor

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Product Data Sheet Opacity/Dust Density Monitor The OPM 4001 Opacity/Dust Density Monitor is a high performance opacity monitoring system with double-pass transmissometer that meets or exceeds ■ Digital display instant percent opacity, average percent opacity and time to next calibration ■ Alphanumeric display for system set-up and fault diagnostics display ■ 3 User selectable displays (instant opacity, average opacity and optical density) ■ U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved approved zero/span calibration ■ Stack exit correlation permanent factory setting ■ Sensor location service module digital display for percent correlated opacity, T2, manual zero and span initiate and transceiver current loop test ■ Insensitive to ambient light ■ Double pass optical system ■ Light source rated for greater than 5 years ■ Electronic modulated light source ■ Two 4-20mA signals for instantaneous opacity, ■ Calibration cycle control remote, manual and ■ System and fault diagnostics display ■ Path length of 3-50 feet Transmissometer/Cover assembly Standard Controller Process Management

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Product Data Sheet OPM 4001 Opacity/Dust Density Monitor Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical OPM 4001 high performance opacity monitoring system with double-pass transmissometer uses field-proven and time-tested optics and circuitry that is simple, yet accurate. Each monitor and all its components are of the highest quality; pre-tested at the factory to your site specifications. The simple instructions will have your monitor up and running in just a few hours. Enclosure Panel mounted IP65/NEMA4X Dimensions 96x96x64 mm (3.8˝x3.8´x2.5˝). Power 20.4 to 28.8VDC < 10% ripple, 400mA. Emerson has taken...

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Product Data Sheet Specifications (cont) Transceiver/Reflector Enclosure NEMA 4 watertight enclosure power Path Length 3-50 feet, 0.9 to 12 meters standard Optical System Double pass Calibration Drift < 0.5% Zero/Span Calibration Manual or automatic with zero mirror and neutral density filter Light Source Aging Compensation Automatic Light Source Life > 5 years Alignment Verification Passive built-in, through-the lens system Standard Mounting Flanges 3 inch IPS, 150 lb. flange, standard Ambient Light Immunity Solid-state electronic light modulation Design and Performance Ambient temperature...

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Product Data Sheet PDS 105-4001.A01 Electronic Display Options Both are EPA 40 CFR B PS-1 and ASTM D 6216 compliant OPM 4001 n Dual beam measurement Automatic or manual online calibration n User friendly microprocessor controller n 3 user selectable numercial displays Sensor located service module with a digital display for % correlated Opacity and %T2 Additional features with Enhanced Touch screen n Intuitively designed 5.7˝ color touch screen user interface with expanded diagnostics n 5 numerical and 2 trend display screens Standard SD card for program and data backup Automatic, manual or...

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Product Data Sheet Electronic Display Comparsion Chart w/Touch Screen Option ASTMK D 6216 and PS-1 compliant Communications via 4-20 mA and RS MODBUS Automatic or manual online calibration Microprocessor controller 5 numercial display screens Intuitively designed icon driven navigation Standard 4 analog outputs 5.7˝ color touch screen user interface Standard program includes % opacity, mg/m3 and O.D. Standard 2GB SD card for program and data backup Real-time diagnostics for testing outputs and relays Two selectable trend screen displays Easy to read color coded fault screen User display...

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Product Data Sheet mechanical installation SIDE VIEW Mrrum Swing ;tS?vt rrrr.) Oplcnitl WMthw *Note 7: The top view represents the transceiver and retro reflector assemblies with their swing clearances. Optional weather covers are not shown. * *Note 2: The side view represents the installation and swing clearance dimensions for the optional weather covers.

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Product Data Sheet Flange to stack installation Clearance Clearance MASONRY STACK METAL WALL STACK WALL INSTALLATION OR DUCT INSTALLATION

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Product Data Sheet Installation Dimensions OPM 4001 Standard Control Unit OPM 4001 Enhanced Control Unit

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Product Data Sheet Ordering information OPM 4001 Opacity/Dust Density Monitor - High performance opacity monitoring system with double-pass transmissometer. Model Product Description Opacity monitor Basic Unit - Digital Display, (2) 4-20mA Outputs, (6) Alarm Relays, RS 232/485, Modbus Enhanced Control Unit with 5.7” LCD graphic color touch screen, icon-driven menu with SD memory card Transceiver and Path Length 11 Weather Cover and Blower 00 Weather covers only Weather covers and single blower/Tee Weather covers and dual blowers Zero Jig and Neutral Density filters Opacity calculation Dust...

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Product Data Sheet PDS 105-4001.A01

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Product Data Sheet Ordering Information (con't) Choose the drawing below that best fits the installation. Mounting Flange

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Product Data Sheet Rosemount Analytical Headquarters & Liquid Analytical 2400 Barranca Parkway Irvine, CA 92606 United States Phone: 1.800.854.8257 Fax: 1.949.474.7250 Rosemount Analytical Gas Chromatographs & Service Center 10241 West Little York, Suite 200 Houston, Texas 77040 United States Phone: 1.866.422.3683 Fax: 1.713.827.3865 Rosemount Analytical Process Gas & Combustion Center 6565-P Davis Industrial Pkwy Solon, OH 44139 United States Phone: 1.800.433.6076 Fax: 1.440.914.1262 Rosemount Analytical – Latin America Emerson Process Management 10241 West Little York, Suite 200 Houston,...

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