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Net Safety UV Flame Detector

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UVS Flame Detector Product Data Sheet BCR-0012-00-016 July 2012 UVS Flame Detector Ultraviolet Optical Sensor Net Safety’s Single UVS ( Ultra-violet ) flame detector delivers high performance detection designed to meet strict industry performance requirements. A precisely tuned spectrum of radiation must be recognized and confirmed by our advanced UV sensor to initiate a fire condition, yet it is immune to incandescent or fluorescent lighting, heaters or sunlight — so false alarms are considerably reduced. The Single UVS is designed for simple installation and lower maintenance costs while delivering superior safety performance. Lowest Power Consumption of Any Flame Detector On the Market Compact and lightweight for ease of installation — Fully adjustable swivel mount is included Wide Voltage Range Allows For Greater Stability and System Compatibility Year Warranty Electronics / 2 Years on Sensors 3 Manual and Automatic Testing of Optical Surfaces — Constatly Monitors Internal Electronics Designed for Extreme Conditions, Operational From -50°C — +75°C Degree Field of View! 120 Field-selectable Sensitivity and Delay Settings Allows Operators To Fine Tune At Installation Site Global Certifications and Approvals Enclosed in a rugged, explosion-proof housing, the Single UVS uses the latest in modular microprocessor and UV sensor technology — delivering accurate and reliable monitoring for hydrocarbon and metal-based fires. The Single UVS has a Field of View of up to 120 degrees and is available with Analog, Relay, and HART Protocal output configurations, including a wide operating voltage range of 10-32 Vdc with low power consumption. It’s capable of stand-alone operation or can be connected to a variety of control devices to create a dependable fire monitoring system. The user can define sensitivity and time delay settings and the built-in testing routines ensure continous operation. Net Safety has engineered a superior UV flame detector that is simple to operate and maintain while delivering all the security and performance required for high-risk, industrial installations! PMS - Uncoated PMS - Coated CMYK

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Product Data Sheet ORDERING INFORMATION UVS-A 4-20mA Analog Output UVS-AR 4-20mA Analog output with a Fire and Fault alarm relay (JB-MPR-A/S included) UVS-AH 4-20mA Analog Output and HART Communication Protocol (JB-MPHF-A/S included) UVS-AHR 4-20mA Analog Output and Fire and Fault Alarm Relays and HART Communication Protocol (JB-MPHFR-A/S included) ADDITIONAL APPROVALS : -X (ATEX/IECEx) ENCLOSURE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel (—SS) [ Aluminum is Standard ] ADDITIONAL FEATURES : -H (Heated Optics) Ordering Matrix Example: UVS-AH R-X-SS-H (Detector - Output-Additional Approval - Enclosure...

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UVS Flame Detector Product Data Sheet BCR-0012-00-016 July 2012 Field of View at Indicated Distance in Feet for n-Heptane Field of View at Indicated Distance in Feet for n-Heptane UVS Flame Detector 15 ° 30 ° 0° 140 15 ° 30 ° Specifications con’t - Termination Boxes - Accessories 120 45 ° 45 ° 100 30 ° 80 Field of View at Indicated Distance in Feet for n-Heptane Field of View at Indicated Distance 60 in Feet for n-Heptane 15 ° 40 Summary of Distances Immunity False Alarm Stimuli 20 0° 15 ° Fuel Fire Size Typical Response n-heptane 1’ x 1’ < 8.5sec @ 150 ft. 15 ° 30 ° 0° 140 120 45 ° 100...

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Product Data Sheet Emerson Process Management Calgary, Alberta, Canada T1Y7J7 BLOG LIKE LEARN SHARE ©2012 Emerson Process Management. All rights reserved. Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical, and Net Safety Monitoring are marks of Emerson Process Management group of companies. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. The contents of this publication are presented for information purposes only, and while effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not to be construed as warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the products or...

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