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Installation & Calibration Equipment Sensor & Instrument Mounting, Accessories, Systems and More Visualize > Analyze > Optimize ROSEMOUNT EMERSON Analytical Process Management

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INSTALLATION & CALIBRATION EQUIPMENT Emerson Process Management offers a variety of Rosemount Analytical accessories to fit many requirements. This brochure includes mounting tees, ball valve kits, and other configurations used for mounting conductivity, pH, ORP and amperometric (dissolved oxygen, chlorine, and ozone) sensors and instruments. Please note that each mounting accessory is only valid for the stated sensor(s). Also included is information on instrument mounting, cables, junction boxes and various chemicals. The accessories in this brochure can be used in a wide variety of...

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CHOOSING THE RIGHT MOUNTING SOLUTION VP CONNECTOR SHOWN; SENSORS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE WITH INTEGRAL CABLE PROCESS END (FRONT END) THREADS, CLOSEST TO SENSING/MEASURING END OF THE SENSOR BACK END PROCESS THREADS, CLOSEST TO CABLE OR VP CONNECTOR Figure 1. The 3900 general purpose pH sensor is offered with 1 inch MNPT threads in two locations: one on the process end and one on the cable end. It also has a 3/4” MNPT process end thread. Understanding sensor process connections: process connector (sold separately) to allow variable insertion depths for the sensor and easy sensor removal without...

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MOUNTING RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SENSORS tees and flow cells: > To prevent leakage, wrap the sensor threads with pipe tape before inserting into its mounting. > Do not over tighten the sensorwhen installing. Hand tighten the sensor, and then tighten with a wrench. > The electrodes must be completely submerged in the process liquid to measure properly Install Sensor Figure 4. pH sensor recommended mounting orienta- tion. pH sensors should be mounted at least 10° from the horizontal to ensure correct measurement. Sensors can also be mounted vertically. Install sensor within 45° of vertical Figure...

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MOUNTING RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SENSORS Measured Conductivity Conductivity (toroidal) sensors should be kept at a far enough distance between sensor and pipe wall to ensure the pipe wall does not interfere with the reading. If clearance is too small, the sensor should be calibrated while in the pipe. The sensor should be completely submerged in liquid. Mounting the sensor in a vertical pipe run with the flow from bottom to top is best. If the sensor must be mounted in a horizontal pipe run, orient the sensor in the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position. Metal Pipe True Conductivity Plastic Pipe 3/4...

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INSERTION SENSOR MOUNTING The mounting parts contained in this section include inline tees, low flow cells, a handrail mounting assembly, a floating ball system, a jet spray cleaner, mounting adapters, and process connectors. The in-line tees are offered in various configurations to assist in easy sensor insertion and removal without twisting cables. The low flow cells are available for sidestream samples with 1/4" OD tubing. The handrail mounting assembly is available with all the parts needed to install a sensor into a pond MEASUREMENT TYPE or basin; the jet-spray cleaner can be used with...

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IN-LINE TEES These versatile in-line tees can be used with Rosemount Analytical pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ozone, and chlorine sensors having 1-inch process connections. Compatible sensor models are listed in the table below. Tees can be installed directly in process piping or in slip streams. PN 23567-00 and PN 91524003, -04, and -05 have union fittings that allow the sensor In-Line Tees to be removed without the need to unscrew it, thus eliminating the possibility of the cable becoming twisted and damaged. Tees are offered in PVC and CPVC and can connect to ¾, 1, and 1 ½...

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IN-LINE TEES Tees with union adapters offer quick and easy access and eliminate damage from cable twisting. Figure 17. 2 in. tee with ¾, 1, or 1½ in. threaded process connections (PN 915240-03, -04, -05 respectively) shown with a Model 499A amperometric sensor. The tee assembly is offered with a sensor mounting adapter that allows the user to remove the sensor without twisting the cable. Figure 16. Sensor tip in process stream flow path. Figure 18. PERpH-X 3500VP pH sensor in PN 915240-03 Tee Figure 14. 1½ in. tee with 1½ in. socket process connection (PN 23567-00) shown with a Model 499A...

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Emerson offers a variety of low flow cells for sidestream applications where it is impractical to divert a large volume of sample, particularly if the sample must be sent to waste. Choose a transparent plastic or stainless steel body—both have ¼ inch FPT process connections. Plastic flow cells PN 24091-00, -01, and -02 are also supplied with ¼ inch MPT to ¼ inch OD tubing fittings Process Connection Wetted Materials and have a union connection that allows easy removal of the sensor. Valved rotameters are also available (see page 41) to adjust and measure sample flow in sidestream...

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HANDRAIL MOUNTING Use a handrail mounting assembly whenever a pH, ORP, or dissolved oxygen sensor must be installed in a tank, aeration basin, pond, or open channel. Two versions are available. PN 11275-01 consists of a 13-ft (4.0-m) long PVC pipe with a 45° bend about two feet (0.6 m) from the lower end where the sensor is connected. The angle allows bubbles to slide off the sensor. Clamps attach the pipe to a frame that can be bolted to a handrail. The pipe insertion depth is adjustable. The HRMS consists of a 1½ inch pipe clamp held by a clevis and pin assembly, which can be attached to...

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FLOATING BALL SYSTEM The floating ball system when used with the HRMS provides a convenient way of keeping the sensor a fixed distance below the surface of a pond or basin independent of the water level. The system accommodates any sensor having 1-inch back facing threads. The sensor attaches to the bottom of the float through a union coupling, and the sensor is held a 45° angle allows air bubbles to side off the sensor. The float can be readily inflated using a hand pump. Floating Ball System Part No. For Model 499ADO; includes sensor union adapter For any sensor with a 1 inch rear-facing...

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